iTech Fusion 2 Smartwatch – Review of Features

iTech Fusion 2 Smartwatch – Review of Features, Good Specs, Upgraded Design

The popular iTech Fusion smartwatch has an upgraded version. It is the iTech Fusion 2 smartwatch, with an improved looks, added new features. Sporty looking, fashionable, and lightweight. We have the details below for the initial review of its features, as well as specifications.


The iTech Fusion 2 smartwatch has a slim metal body available in black, burgundy, grey camo and pink color. It looks sporty as well as fashionable, and trendy. It is a unisex smartwatch in different color options. The wearable is accompanied by a sporty silicon strap that is interchangeable and available in different colors.


Overall, the body has an IP67 waterproof rating, it has the basic waterproof protection, it is splash proof, wash proof as well as rain proof, dust proof. For the display, the Fusion 2 has a full color display with touch screen support. The company did not state on the size of the screen display, but based on the images, the wearable has wide screen, good themes, and with simple layout of menus.

Feature of iTech Fusion 2 Smartwatch

Personalization and Watch Faces

Aside from the different color options for the case. The iTech Fusion 2 smartwatch comes with preloaded watch faces. At least 4 watch faces are loaded to it, pick from digital to analog designs. It also has an option for custom watch faces. You can put your own images as a background as well as the time.

Health Monitoring

The wearable is loaded with 24/7 heart rate monitoring, you can switch it on or off in the support app. Aside from that, it has an SpO2 monitoring, checking your blood oxygen level anytime, anywhere. There is also a sleep monitoring, checking your sleeping habits, with overall sleep score. Get alerted by sedentary reminder on sitting for too long. Another function, that is very useful, and very timely, is the body temperature monitoring, checking your body temp in real time.

Real Time Notification

Receive SMS or call notifications, the smartwatch supports real time messages with the option to read messages directly in the device. It also supports social app notifications. Keep informed with this smart functionality. Store up to 5 messages before being replaced.

Multi-Sport Mode

For sports fan, it is equipped with several sports functions. Pick from hiking, running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, football, tennis, basketball, and golf. Each sport function might monitor the heart rate, time, calories. Some of the sport function supports connected GPS, available in the iTech wearables app.

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Additional Features

The smartwatch iTech Fusion 2 also supports music remote control, camera remote. With the Bluetooth function, you can control the music on your phone, play, pause, skip, forward to the next music on your phone. With the remote photo control you can use your smartwatch to control the camera on your phone.

It also has a weather function, it shows the weather forecast for several days. There is also a find device, language settings, do not disturb mode and more.

Our Take iTech Fusion 2 Smartwatch

The iTech Fusion 2 has almost similar in features, such as sport, and health functions with the first version. But it has an upgraded design, as you can see there is a huge improvement in the looks department. It sports a much wider screen display, sharper full color screen. So far, it is still affordable and it is becoming popular especially to those who are upgrading from the Fusion to Fusion 2 smartwatch. There are other versions of iTech smartwatches, but the Fusion 2 has the latest design as well as the specifications and features. Check its user manual as well as its features in popular shopping site like Walmart, they have deals on this latest smartwatch.

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