Senbono W13 Smartwatch – Improved Health Sensors

Senbono W13 Smartwatch – Improved Health Sensors

Senbono is back again with a new, and improve wearable. This wearable has cool features in terms of design, as well as health function. Senbono, this year has surprise us with several amazing wearables. And this time, this new smartwatch is expected to bring new improve functions.

Design for Sports

The Senbono W13 smartwatch has an outdoor rugged type design. It has a tough look, outdoor style. Looking at the design, it has a PC thick shockproof shell looking like the Casio Protek series. It sports two physical button on its side, working as a main button/power, and a back button for its menus, and functions. Color options for the Senbono W13 smartwatch are black, grey, and green color. The smartwatch is accompanied by a durable, sporty strap with a breathable design, and steel buckle.


With its, outdoor look, we are just wondering why Senbono just rated it IP67, than a much higher rating IP68. Anyways, still the smartwatch got a good waterproof feature. It is waterproof, as well as dust proof. You can wear it while raining, or washing your hands, it is full splash proof, and sweat proof device.

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An MP3 Smartwatch Ruizu M8

The Senbono W13 smartwatch is a 2021 new smartwatch intended for those who are looking for a rugged look smartwatches. Here are the features of the Senbono W13 smartwatch.

Features, Health, Sport in Senbono W13 Smartwatch

Senbono describe it as a professional health wearable, personal sporty assistant as well as a smart assistant.

Before we dwell on its sport functions, here are the health functions of the smartwatch.

The smartwatch has a heart rate monitoring as well as with blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. Sensors support red light and infrared light sensor to monitor. So regardless of skin color, the sensor can provide accurate and fast results. The heart rate monitoring has an option also to monitor your HR dynamically.

With its low power chip, and high precision sensor. It has a 60% accuracy in providing results. The Senbono W13 smartwatch has an automatic activity tracking It actively monitors your steps, calories, as well as distance. It also supports different sports functions.

Here are the following sports included in the device.

WalkRunningCyclingRope Skipping

The added sports function is great for those who would love to record the fitness stats during exercise. If you want more data, available status can be check in the support app.

For real time notifications, the smartwatch supports smart information push. The wearable supports a comprehensive lists of social apps. From WeChat, Twitter to Facebook. It also supports SMS notifications, call reminder. Again options can be toggle in the support app.

Aside from the above notable functions. The smartwatch has sleep monitoring, checking, and recording your sleep pattern. It also includes music control, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, drink reminder, brightness control, and preloaded watch faces.

Initial Review of Senbono W13 Smartwatch

So far, in terms of design, the W13 smartwatch, has the characteristics of a sport wearable. It got the specs as well as the feature of an outdoor wearable. But one of the main feature of the smartwatch is its health function. It has an improve detection for HR, BP and SpO2. Which is usually fails in other smartwatches. And of course, it got the basics such as notifications and other Bluetooth functions.

Senbono W13 Smartwatch Specifications

Display1.3″ inch, 240 x 240 pixels
Sensorg-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Battery400 mAh 20 days standby time
Compatible OSAndroid system 5.0 version or above; iOS system 10.0 version or above
Waterproof RatingIP67 waterproof




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