Ruizu M8 – Good Smartwatch & MP3 Player in One

Ruizu M8 – A Smartwatch & MP3 Player in One

 Every now and then we see new wearables that has this cool functionality added to it. From health functions to entertainment function, included in the device. Here we have another wearable particularly a smartwatch with a new feature.

This smartwatch is not your typical wearable, it’s a smartwatch and digital player in one from Ruizu. You might want to check the Ruizu M8 smartwatch and MP3 player in one.



The Ruizu M8 smartwatch has an independent body, the strap with a TPU case. You can remove the body from the TPU case, and use it as an MP3 player. The smartwatch transforms into a digital player and with your headset, you can listen your favorite music.

If its attached to the device, the Ruizu M8 device works as a smartwatch, the wearable has a 1.54” inch IPS LCD screen, it is a high definition button key operation, for easily navigating plus there is also a physical button for navigating to the different entertainment features.  Regarding the entertainment and different functions, please check on the details below.

Entertainment Features of the Ruizu M8 Smartwatch

Play Music/Mp3/Video

The wearable can play MP3, and other supported audio format. You can listen via a headset with a type C USB interface or via a Bluetooth connectivity.


The device has a built-in microphone for recording


Based on the specs page, the smartwatch supports FM radio playing

Additional Functions included are:

E-book reading, step counting, images preview, and more. It also supports font adjustment as well as background changing when you are reading.

Under the Hood of the Ruizu M8 Smartwatch and Digital Player

The Ruizu M8 has an 8 GB or 16 GB of storage space for storing your video or audio files

Music Format Supported

  • MP3
  • WMA
  • ADE
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • DRM

Headphone supported – USB Type C
Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0

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