OHO Pro Smartwatch – Stylish, Packed with Health Features

OHO Pro Smartwatch – Stylish, Packed with Health Features

Check this new wearable in the market, it is from a UK-based company and market it as the most affordable premium smartwatch in the market. It’s the OHO Pro smartwatch, stylish, premium-looking health features packed wearable. Here are the details on the features of the OHO Pro smartwatch.

Design and Quality Build

The OHO Pro smartwatch has a rectangular design, slim aluminum alloy body with PC material covering on the bottom. Available in black, and silver color options, the smartwatch looks classy,  with its sleek design body, a single physical rectangular button on its side. If you are going to take a look at the design, it looks similar to the popular P8 smartwatch.

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It measures 45 x 38 10 mm, it is an average size wearable with a durable design, curved corners, and an IP67 waterproof rating. A good waterproof protection but according to its description, it is not suitable for shower, bath or wearing it while swimming in the sea.

The smartwatch has a full color screen display, a rectangular IPS LCD screen with slim bezel. A full touch screen wearable with bright and sharp color preloaded with cool watch faces.


Notable Features

  • Comprehensive Health Tracking
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Sporty Design
  • Long Standby time
  • Affordable but Premium Looking

Features of OHO Pro Smartwatch

Based on its product description, the smartwatch has all the best health features that you can get.

Heart Rate Monitoring

It supports 24/7 heart rate monitoring, it automatically monitors your heart rate. Like HR, the blood pressure also monitors your vital anytime, anywhere with graph data in the support tap. It also supports blood oxygen monitoring, checking your SpO2 during rest time or sport activities.

Another health function that we seldom see in smartwatches is the ECG (Electro Cardiogram) it monitors electric signal generated by your heart. If you want to monitor your sleep pattern, the sleep monitoring function checks the light sleep, deep sleep. You can check the quality of your sleep with this feature.

Push Notifications

You can receive call or message notifications on the smartwatch. Read the messages directly in the wearable. Aside from that it supports social app notifications, app reminder supported are:

FacebookMessengerAnd more

Other Functions included in the Device

Bluetooth music, with Bluetooth connectivity, the wearable can control the music on your phone. Play/Pause, increase and decrease the volume or even switch songs.

There are other functions that is useful like alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, find your phone, menu style, weather forecast, and more.

Sports Mode

It is equipped with several sports mode, this includes walking, running, climbing, basketball as well as badminton. You can get fit with its several sports functions, monitoring the steps, calories as well as distance. If you are not into sports, the smartwatch can still monitor your activity with its automatic activity tracking.

Battery Life

The wearable has a 220 mAh battery plus with efficient chips giving the smartwatch an average life of 7 days uses on a single charge or 30 days on standby.

Initial Review of the OHO Pro Smartwatch

When it comes to design, the wearable follows the trend right now in the market. Having a rectangular design and with a sleek aluminum alloy body. The wearable also is loaded with health features including ECG. Although the results is not intended for diagnosis still it can be used as a reference for your health stats. There are some sports functions and good support for app notifications. But the main feature of the smartwatch is its health functions.


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