iTech Fusion Smart Watch – Review of its Features (2020 Versions)

iTech Fusion Smart Watch – Review of its Features (2020 Versions)

Minimalist, simple, design, these are some of the features that sometimes users are looking for a wearable. Right now in the market most wearables do have a sporty, outdoor, rugged look.

Sometimes they resemble a classic design, looking like a classic wristwatch but smart on the inside.

Here we have a smartwatch that its different from the trend these days. iTech Fusion Smart watch, despite the name, the smart watch has a simple, minimalist look. It might not be that attractive to some in terms of design but others prefer this style over sporty, Apple Watch look.

Anyways, here we check on its features and functions. We will see if the wearable is much more on the inside than in the outside.


Features and Functions

With its simple design, the wearable has is packed with sport features underneath. The wearable has multi-sport mode.

Multi-Sport Mode

Sports included in the wearable are running, football, basketball, soccer, cycling, tennis, gold and hiking. Of course each sport mode is included with heart rate monitoring, calorie and distance counter.

Connected GPS – some of the outdoor sports can have map trajectory with its connected GPS function. You can track your movement on the map by using the built-in GPS of your smartphone. Aside from multi-sport mode, the smart watch has an automatic step tracking with the same functions included in the sport mode.

Not only fitness functions, but the wearable has also these following health features.

Heart Rate Monitoring – keep track of your HR with whether you are resting, working or doing your fitness routine. The smart watch can keep track of your BPM anytime, anywhere with its built-in heart rate monitor.

Sleep Monitoring – the iTech Fusion smart watch has an automatic sleep monitoring, just wear it and the device will do its thing. It will monitor your sleep pattern, light sleep, deep sleep and the number of hours you sleep.

Sedentary Reminder – Keep yourself moving, don’t let yourself get inactive. You can set the smart watch to alert you if there is a long period of inactivity.


Other Useful Functions in the iTech Fusion Smartwatch

Smart Notifications

Received calls and messages in real time with its smart notifications. It also support popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other well known apps.

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Camera remote control, use your wearable to take control of your phone camera and take photos. There is also a find phone feature, timer, weather, alarm, at least 5 alarms can be set in the smart watch.

Specifications of iTech Fusion SmartWatch 2020

The company behind the wearable did not provide much details on the specs of the wearable. We will just rely on the promotional images on the product page.

The iTech Fusion Smart watch has a full color display with touch screen operation. Its body is available in black, rose gold, black silver. When it comes to straps, it is available in different color and material options. Pick from mono color silicon strap, two tone color strap, milanese steel or leather straps. The body overall, is IP67 waterproof rated, it is splash proof, wash proof but not swim proof.

Its battery can be charge for two hours and provides 15 days of standby time. It uses clamp charging to charge your device.

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