Xiaomi Mi Band 3i – A cheaper alternative?

Xiaomi Mi Band 3i – A cheaper alternative?

Xiaomi continuous to teased us with their wearables, this time a smartband or rather on upgraded smartband, a Xiaomi Mi Band 3i. This new smartband based on the promotional posters  might be a smartband that is pretty similar to that of the Band 3 but with a mixed of a Mi Band 4 footprint. We guess it might be improvement on the screen, similar to Mi Band 4 maybe?

The smartband will be launched tomorrow in India around 12 PM. We don’t know what i stands for on the 3i whether it’s an added technology or just a catchy letter added to the number to differentiate or gain attention.

The caption on the graphics “iGNITE YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY”, with this an event will also going to be held in India, on December 1 to promote this new smartband. #RUNWITHMI

According to sources, it will be cheaper than Mi Band 3 and it will focused more on sports specifically running. So far, there are no confirmed specs and  features of the fitness tracker. Will it be a watered down Mi Band 3? Or a whole new brand fitness tracker?

Well, stay tuned as we bring you more update on this Xiaomi Mi Band 3i.




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