Xiaomi Mi band 3i Smartband – Cheap but No Heart Rate monitor

Xiaomi Mi band 3i Smartband – Cheap but No Heart Rate monitor

It is official, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3i is here, it was launched yesterday at Bangalore India. As expected  the wearable is very affordable, it is  the  most affordable smartband since the introduction of the Mi Band 2.  It is price at 1299 INR or around 18 U.S dollars, it is already available in the Mi India website, it is only available in black color only.

Remember that Xiaomi just  a few months ago released the Mi Band 4, a wearable that is very popular, and it is safe to say that it is the best seller Mi band of Xiaomi. It also introduced the a Mi smartwatch with a higher specs and features. That is way it is very surprising that Xiaomi release a tone down version of the band, I guess that is to capture a portion of the market, it is for the user who wants a simple and cost effective fitness tracker. Will the Mi Band 3i will achieve this goal, well lets check out its basic specs and features.

The Xiaomi Mi band 3i has the same signature look of that of the Mi Band 3 with  slight difference on the design of the strap on the body strap, it has a capsule like body with a sporty TPU strap. It has a 0.78” inch 128 x 80 pixel resolution, in our first article we expect it to have a color display similar to that of the Mi Band 4, but sadly it’s the opposite. The Mi band 3i has a monochrome AMOLED display, with good brightness and with touch screen method of operation.

Although  it focuses on health and fitness Xiaomi did not included a heart rate monitor which is usually a standard features in most fitness tracker nowadays. We don’t know if what is the reason behind this, whether in consideration of the battery life of to make the band much more affordable to the masses. Either way it might be a deal breaker for fitness tracker fans, shying away from the Mi Band 3i despite its affordable price tag.

See the full specifications here of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3i.

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