Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch is an Apple Look Alike

Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch is an Apple Look Alike

Several months ago, we published an article about the Amazfit GTS, a smartwatch that is ;likely a contender for one of the best Apple watch look alike in the market. But seems like we spoke to soon, although it is not yet in the market, this smartwatch might be the real contender.

Xiaomi will be unveiling the smartwatch this November 5, 2019 in China, the Xiaomi Mi Watch, not yet the official name. The smartwatch follows a similar design, even the position and the location of the watch crown is somewhat similar.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has that rectangular look, a sporty trendy smartwatch. According to the  leaked information, the wearable will be powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3200 chipset. It will also have a built-in GPS, NFC and WIFI. A number of images and videos shows the UI of the wearable.

Although it run the SnapDragon Wear, there is no word whether it will runs the Wear OS or a home grown OS by Xiaomi for wearables. The smartwatch certainly looks much better compared to Amazfit GTS, when it comes to UI and functionality, the video shows some promising features. SO far no words for the pricing of the Mi smartwatch. Let see tomorrow if what will be the price and when will be the availability of the device, stay tuned…

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