Q7 Blush Smartwatch – Review of Features

Q7 Blush Smartwatch – Review of Features

Here is another version of the popular Q7 smartwatch from JCPenney. The Q7 Blush Smartwatch, a wearable with much sexier look compared to the Q7 Sport.

The smartwatch still have that rectangular design, having a slim light with curved on the edges. The wearable has a sporty design with stainless steel buckle. Looking at the design, the smartwatch has a two tone design, having a plated metal alloy body case and a black PC material on the bottom.

There are no physical button present on the side of the device, just plain body, minimalist design. The wearable looks chic and trendy with its simple yet sporty look. The metal alloy body has a brush finish and available in rose tone color while the strap color is available in pink.

Q7 Blush Smartwatch

It has a removable strap with its quick release pin, compatible with .20 mm third party strap. The overall body has a minimal waterproof protection, on its specs page it did not state the rating for the body, but we guess it might have an IP67 or IP65 waterproof rating, able to withstand splashes of water and sweat, it is safe to say that the wearable is dust proof as well.

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As of this writing, the Q7 Blush smartwatch is on a limited time only. We don’t know if this is just temporary or not but right now if you are interested, it is on sale (64% OFF).

Q7 Blush Smartwatch – It Got all the Basics

Reviewing its Features, here are some of its functions that comes with the smartwatch.

The Q7 Blush Smartwatch got the basic call and message notifications. It is able to received notifications on real time with support for social apps messages. You can’t reply directly from the device. But you can read message and get notified with calls via screen alert and vibration and call ID support.

Q7 Blush

Again, you can only received notifications and don’t have the features to have a stand alone calls and SMS messaging as the device don’t feature a SIM slot or eSIM functionality. The smartwatch is a smartphone support, it is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0

Get Fit with its Sport Functions

The smartwatch has an automatic activity tracking, it has step counter accompanied by a calorie and distance counter. It also has heart rate monitoring, a connected GPS for its sports tracking. Additional health functions included are sleep monitoring sedentary alert. Monitor your sleep habit with its automatic sleep tracking. It can monitor the time you sleep, light sleep, deep sleep and the time you wake up.

Additional functions included are customizable watch faces with display of HR monitor, distance, calories, battery meter and Bluetooth Connectivity The data icon displayed on the watch face depends on the watch faces you select. There is also an alarm, timer and more. The smartwatch don’t have a feature for always on display, instead it just rely on the “lift your wrist to display” to show the display.


With regards to the display, the Q7 Blush Smartwatch has a full color display screen, based on the image promotion. The smartwatch don’t support touch screen method of operation but instead you can operate the menus and select using the touch button key located on the bottom of the screen. This functionality is similar to the popular Q7 sport version smartwatch.

Basic Hardware Specs of Q7 Blush Smartwatch

Brand: Q7

Model: Blush

Display: Full Color LCD with Touch Button key operation

Sensors: G-sensor, heart rate sensor

Battery: Rechargeable using Charging Clip

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Smartwatch Body:

Dimensions: 44 mm (width), 9.7 mm thickness

Color: Rose Tone

Material: Metal Alloy

Strap Width: 20 mm

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