Q7 Sport Smartwatch – Review of its Features (2020 Update)

Q7 Sport Smartwatch – Review of its Features (2020 Update)

The smartwatch has been in the market for almost a year now and still the device is a hot sell. This smartwatch from JCPenney got some followers, the Q7 Sport Smartwatch might be simple in looks but loaded with sport and fitness that fans enjoy.

Simple Design – Minimalist Approach

This affordable smartwatch do have a simple design, having a rectangular design, with its PC body with no physical button on the side. It has a micro USB port on the side covered with rubber lock for USB charging. The smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel buckle with quick release pin.

Q7 Sport Smartwatch

This simple designed wearable comes only in black, silver, rose gold but so far only black color is available. It is not waterproof, so don’t wear it while washing your hands or if you are in the rain, swimming with it is a big no, no. There is a big possibility that the smartwatch will not work, the micro USB port on the side is prone in getting wet even though there is rubber lock.

It is a budget friendly smartwatch. It is one of the cheapest wearable if we based it on the price, so what do you expect.

Notable Features of the Q7 Sport Smartwatch

Regarding the display, the specs page did not state the size of the screen. The screen based on our estimate is around 1.2” inch or 1.3” inch LCD screen. It is color screen, we can be sure on that, and with touch button key operation. Please take note, it doesn’t support touch screen operation but instead it relies on the button key located on the bottom of the screen.

Sport Function and other Features

The name of the wearable is a dead giveaway, Q7 Sport smartwatch. Of course it s loaded with sport and fitness functions.

It can automatically track your activity with its activity tracking function. The smartwatch is able to track your steps accompanied by calorie counter, distance covered. You can also set your daily goal for the following data, distance, calories, steps. All of the data you gathered is sync to your smartwatch support app with graphs and statistics.

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If you are into running or walking outside, you can have a map trajectory with the connected GPS function. You can now track your route the GPS from your smartwatch. Other health functions included are sleep monitoring, keep track of the numbers of hours sleep, the deep sleep and the time your wake-up. Aside from steps, you can also set goals for water, remind yourself to drink water every now and then with its water reminder.


Check the health of your heart with its heart rate monitor. Don’t be a couch potato with the sedentary reminder. The smartwatch also support notifications such as call and message notifications as well as app reminder.

Take note that you can at least store 16 notifications on your smartwatch, with the old notification being replace by new ones (FIFO). Additional functions included are camera remote, lost alert, clock, alarm (at least 5 alarms) and find band feature.

It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.2 and above and uses the Q7 support app available in both platforms. The wearable has at least 150 mAh battery with at least a day of battery life.

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