E50 Smartwatch – Sporty Device with Body Temperature Sensor

E50 Smartwatch – Sporty Device with Body Temperature Sensor

Here is a new smartwatch with a sporty fashionable look packed with health sensors, the E50 smartwatch. Checking on its promotional images, the smartwatch is one of the next generation wearable to feature a body temperature.

In this time of the year where pandemic creates havoc to our society, technology can be a big help to monitor our health. We have here one of the newest in the market, the E50 smartwatch. Let’s check its features and see whether the device fit the bill for a health and fitness smartwatch.

E50 Smartwatch Features and Functions

Body Temperature Sensor

The circular smartwatch is packed with a real time body temperature measurement. It has a built-in thermometer to keep the temperature of your body in check.


It has a temperature sensor on the bottom of the watch, checking your body every now and then. If it detects an abnormal body temperature exceeding the normal range. It will alert you that something is off with your body temp.

A very useful function especially in this COVID-19 days where high body temperature is one of the symptoms. Regarding its accuracy, we are not sure yet as we don’t have the actual device. If you happen to have one please drop a comment below with your comparison of its body temperature monitoring to the medical grade equipment.

E50 Smartwatch

Heart Rate, Blood Pressure in One

The smartwatch according to its specs page has an advance chip, integrated multi-core design combining the latest sensors. With this, the E50 smartwatch has a heart rate monitoring, checking your heart rate in real time. Blood pressure monitor, checking your diastolic and systolic, anytime and anywhere. It also has a blood oxygen monitor which is very useful especially in your fitness regimen.

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Again just like other smartwatches, these health monitoring functions should only be use as a reference and not a basis for diagnosis. As these sensors are just new in wearables. Its accuracy is still in question and should not be the only source of checking your overall health status.

Sleep Monitoring

It has an automatic sleep monitoring, it is able to check the state of your sleep. Such as deep sleep, light sleep and time you awake and the overall sleep time. All of the data and graphics are gathered and synchronized in the support app to provide you a comprehensive analysis of your sleep.

Multi-Mode Sport for Fitness Enthusiast

Aside from health functions, it is equipped with variety of sports such as walking, running, mountain climbing, cycling and basketball. Each of the sports mode is accompanied by calorie counter, mileage counter as well as heart rate monitoring. If you are into these sports, I guess the wearable might be a good pick for you. I guess the only drawback with the smartwatch for its sports function is that is doesn’t have a built-in GPS for map trajectory. We can’t verify if the device is supporting a connected GPS as an alternative.

Notifications and Other Features

Of course it got the basics such as call and message notifications, received real time notifications on your smartwatch. It also support social app notifications such as WeChat, Facebook, QQ and more. Additional functions included are alarm, timer, weather and preloaded watch faces which we think do have an attractive design.

Hardware Specifications of E50 Smartwatch and its Design

Weighing just 37 grams, the e50 smartwatch has a circular design with two physical buttons on the side. It might have a zinc alloy body and a PC material on its bottom plate. The smartwatch has a chrono style design with its markings on the bezel. It comes with a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel buckle. And with regards to the strap, you can change it with other third party strap as it features a quick release pin for easy changing.

The smartwatch has a 1.3” full color TFT LCD display with full touch screen operation. It has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution which is pretty standard in smartwatches in its category. Well, I wish they could have push it to 360 x 360 pixels. Which is a much more ideal resolution giving the smartwatch a much sharper graphics and vivid colors, anyways the 240 x 240 is not bad at all.

When it comes to hardware under its hood, the E50 smartwatch runs the RTK8762C processor with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, it has 240 mAh battery with 5-7 days of standby time in just a single charge.

Our Overall Initial Take on this Smartwatch

In terms of features and specifications, the E50 smartwatch is very promising. It covered all the basic in health sensor with the addition of body temperature sensor which is a plus. Regarding the design, the device has a beautiful sports outdoor design, its IP67 rating makes it durable. It is safe from splashes of water whether you are washing your hands, rain, sweat and even dust proof as well.

For its accuracy and other functionality, still it remains to be seen, if it is worth to buy. As the smartwatch is fairly new in the market and there are only few reviews, if those are “legit reviews” regarding on the performance of the smartwatch.

Stay tuned as we bring you more update on this new smartwatch…

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