Oura Ring – Review of Features – Can Detect COVID-19?

Oura Ring – Review of Features – Can Detect COVID-19?

There is a new trend in town, its the hottest wearable right now this COVID-19 stricken year. The wearable is not a smartwatch or a fitness tracker that we are used to write. This wearable is one of the smallest smart device in the market with the latest technology embedded to it. Oura Ring, a smart wearable that is packed with sensors to keep track of your vital from Oura.

Well, we are here to check its features and provide a preview/review of it, and we will also answer some of the questions regarding the wearable.

Let’s go with the design for the smart ring as well as its basic specifications.

Due to its small size, it is comfortable to wear, unlike a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. The smart ring can be wear like a normal accessory. Looking like a ring, feels like a ring but with smart technology inside. Its no wonder why celebrities, especially in the field of sports are going gaga over it. It is the next wearable to have after smartwatches and fitness tracker.

“ This smart ring, “Oura Ring” is the start of the new age of smart ring technology and Oura is in the forefront of it.

According to product page, the smart ring features sleep monitoring technology. It provide insights on your deep sleep, REM, light sleep and the time you wake up. It is a non invasive way of monitoring your sleep. Unlike smartwatches, you can sleep soundly with the ring and feels much more comfortable to wear during your nap times.

Oura Ring smart Ring

Another useful function embedded in the small package is the temperature sensor. It can monitor the temperature and can measures changes as small as 0.01°C. Its sensor can check heart rate variability and respiratory rate as well as resting heart rate.

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Here are the three simple scores that Oura Ring monitors to provide you with the overall status of your health. These are Readiness, Sleep, and Activity.

Readiness -Body temperature, Heart rate variability, Readiness score, Respiratory rate, Resting heart rate

Sleep -Bedtime, Deep sleep, Latency, REM sleep, Sleep efficiency, Sleep score, Sleep stages, Time in bed, Total sleep time, Wake-up time

Activity -Activity burn, Activity goal completion, Activity score, Inactive time, Steps, Total burn, Walking equivalency


What is the material of the Oura Ring?

The wearable according to the company is made of a titanium material, making it lightweight while still having a scratch resistant durable body. It is also water resistant having a seamless design that making it fully protected from moist and water, according to its specs, it can withstand up to 100 meters of water.

What are the sensors included in the device?

The smart ring is packed with the latest and advanced sensors in the market. It has a gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, infrared LED sensors, body temperature sensors.

What are the available colors and design of the Oura Ring?

The smart ring is available in black, silver, stealth and diamond color. There is also two designs for the wearable, you can pick from Balance and Heritage design.

How long does the battery last of Oura Ring?

With its wireless charger, the smart ring is easy to charge. And can be charge fast, at least 80 minutes of charging if fully charge. The full battery charge last up to a week of usage.

Can Oura Ring Detect COVID-19?

No, it cannot detect. But it can at least provide insights in early COVID-19 symptoms. With its temperature sensor, the smart ring can accurately provide details on your body temperature accurately. According to its specs it can detect even a slight changes on your body temp. Remember that an article about Oura Ring user that was diagnose with COVID-19?

According to him, the Oura Ring warned him of his elevated body temperature as well as his overall readiness score. With this he went to the doctor to get check, and to his surprise he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He attribute this early detection to Oura Ring, of course with the help of the temperature sensor of the smart ring. According to the company, the device based on research can recognize symptoms of COVID-19 in advanced with up to 90% accuracy.

Any Discount or Promo for Oura Ring?

Sadly No, but they offer discounts during promotional periods or holidays so stay tuned as always.

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