Zeblaze Lily Smartwatch – Petite Smartwatch for Women

Zeblaze Lily Smartwatch – Petite Smartwatch for Women

Here is one of the latest wearable from Zeblaze, after the release of the Zeblaze Meteor smartwatch, the Zeblaze Lily smartwatch. A wearable that is built for women. Let us check the detail so of this new wearable from Zeblaze, its specs, and features.

Design and Make

The Zeblaze Lily smartwatch has a stylish design, it is designed for women, making it petite in size. It measures 39.5 x 39.5 x 11.5, and weighs just 36.5 grams with its aluminum alloy body. The model Lily is just the right size for women. Glossy color with a stylish crown button, gear type bezel design.

To complete the overall look, the Zeblaze Lily has an 18 mm strap, it employs a quick release pin feature making it easy to interchange it with third-party straps. A classic sport-style smartwatch with a good, elegant design. Overall, the body is IP68 waterproof rated, splash proof and a dust proof smartwatch. Just as Zeblaze describes it, the smartwatch is small, stylish and might be the smartwatch that women are looking for.


With its small form factor, don’t expect it to have a wide screen. The Zeblaze Lily smartwatch has a 1.1” inch IPS screen, approximately 30.9 grams in size only. Small but enough to display clear and sharp information. It has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution with full touch screen support. Its tempered glass incorporates vacuum coating on the glass making it scratch-proof and wear-resistant screen.


Features of the Zeblaze Lily Smartwatch

As expected with Zeblaze, the Lily is also loaded with different features whether it’s sports or health.

Health Training

Optical Heart Rate – it has wrist-based heart rate monitor, checking your HR 24/7. The sensors monitor the daily resting heart rate as well as the abnormal heart rate. You can check your HR anytime with more detailed data in the support app.

SpO2 Monitoring – if you are into fitness, you can monitor your blood oxygen monitoring with this function. It is very beneficial especially if you are into sports and fitness.

Sleep Monitoring – monitor the sleep time, the light sleep as well as the deep sleep. The sleep monitoring function provides quality analysis to provide suggestions on how to improve your sleeping habit.

Women Health Tracking – to make it fully a women’s smartwatch. The Zeblaze Lily is equipped with women health tracking feature. It can track the ovulation period, the menstrual cycle and other stats regarding physiological stats.

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Multiple Sports Mode

Get Fit with its sport mode, track your fitness activity with different sport functions loaded to the wearable.

Here are the sports loaded to the wearable

Outdoor RunningFootballRowing
Indoor RunningBaseballSit-ups
Table TennisHockeyMountaineering

With its high precision algorithm, it provides accurate and fast results. Aside from sports functions, the smartwatch is also equipped with automatic activity tracking.

Smart Notifications

Receive real time notifications, whether its incoming calls, SMS or app notifications. You can read the messages right away in the device.

Other Functions included

Weather, music control, find phone, do not disturb, sedentary reminder, alarm, stopwatch, camera control, preloaded watch faces and more.

Initial Review of the Zeblaze Lily Smartwatch

I think Zeblaze answer the long time call for women’s smartwatch to be small, and light. Although there are several womens smartwatch in the market, most do have a much wider body. The Zeblaze Lily smartwatch has a small form factor, light and at the same time loaded with health and sport functions. It also has a women physiological function that is a must for women. For its sports functions, the comprehensive lists make it a good partner for fitness.


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