Kospet Probe Smartwatch – Premium Look Yet Affordable

Kospet Probe Smartwatch – Premium Look Yet Affordable

Here is a full touch screen smartwatch from Kospet, the affordable Kospet Probe smartwatch. It has a full round LCD screen having a 1.3” inch IPS LCD with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is in high definition and with a full color display, vivid colors, good brightness. On top of that is a tempered glass screen, crystal clear and scratch proof.

We are used to see the wearable by Kospet to have camera’s on the side and with SIM functionality, especially for the latest releases. The latest is a bit different having a premium, simple yet elegant look.

Let’s check out the material and the design of the Probe, starting with the bezel. According to its specs, it has zn-mg alloy bezel with CNC process polishing, giving the bezel a glass surface look. Based on the rendered images, the smartwatch looks beautiful and elegant looking.

Well, for Kospet, it’s the premium look and design just doesn’t stop in the bezel. The Kospet Probe has a carbon fiber back case, adding aesthetic beauty to the wearable without compromising the quality. It is durable, beautiful looking as well as lightweight.

Kospet Probe Smartwatch

The premium designed body is accompanied with a food grade dual color silicone strap, no worries on allergies, the material is perfectly safe for your skin. The wearable is not just about good looks, it is also loaded with functions and features that you need.

“Premium materials, yet friendly on your budget”

Loaded with sensors such as heart rate monitor with blood pressure sensor, g-sensor, blood oxygen monitor as well as light sensor, the smartwatch provides you with different health and fitness options. Here are some health and fitness options, sport pedometer, calorie counter, distance counter, 24/HR heart rate, breathing feature, it also has 8 sport mode. Additional functions included are sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, alarm, weather, message notifications. See complete specs.

Kospet Probe

When it comes to battery life, the Kospet Probe smartwatch has a 250 mAh lithium polymer battery with 60 days standby time in just a single charge, an amazing 15 days of normal usage, twice longer compared to other wearables in its category.


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