Jay Tech SmartWatch 1080 – Review of Features

Jay Tech SmartWatch 1080 – Review of Features

Check this new sport smart watch from Jay-Tech, a new wearable for outdoor activities. This sport smart watch is being offered at Jay-tech site, along with other devices, but of course our main focus is on the smart watch especially on the 1080 wearable.

The design looks trendy, looking like a sport outdoor wearable. So we decided to check on this smartwatch, and here is what we found out. According to its product page the Jay Tech Smartwatch 1080 has a model number GT105.   We are familiar with this model as this product has been rebranded by other companies as well. With the Jay Tech Smartwatch 1080 the smartwatch, I think is still the same wearable. Maybe with some few personalizations to fit the brand or look of the company.

Anyways, we  check on its design as well as its features, and here is our review/preview of its features based on the promotional product images and its specifications.

Design and Display

The smartwatch is marketed as a wearable for urban explorer, having a sporty/outdoor style design. It has an ultra-thin metal body with brush finish. The main body made from zinc alloy is available in black silver color only, with that classic finish. The bezel is also metal with design that resembles a chronograph smart watch.

Its outdoor design is accompanied by a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel metal enclosure. The whole design of the smartwatch looks good, it looks premium and lightweight weighing 51.2 grams only. Overall, the Jay Tech Smartwatch 1080 is IP67 waterproof rated. No worries about getting it wet, wear it while washing your hands, rain or having a fitness activity outdoors, the device is full waterproof.

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When it comes to the display, the wearable has a full color 1.22” inch IPS LCD with 208 x 240 pixel resolution. It is not a full circular screen display which is disappointing. This is due to the space on the bottom of the screen being occupied by the touch button key function. Again, the smartwatch don’t have a support for touch screen navigation but relies on the touch button key.


Features – Health and Fitness Functions of Jay Tech Smartwatch 1080

Sports Mode

Running, Cycling, hiking, football, basketball, all of the sports is accompanied by calorie, heart rate monitoring, distance and steps counter with timer tracking. The UI for sports is simple with an animation for every sport function.

Automatic Activity Tracking

It also has an automatic step tracking with calorie, distance counter. The automatic activity tracking can track your fitness for the day, always keeping it on check. It is a pretty standard feature right now in wearables, a good function for those who don’t have time to for work-out but to keep track of their activity.

Heart Check- Blood Check

The smartwatch has a 24 hour monitoring of your heart rate, it can do an automatic detection every hour. You can set it to static or dynamic monitoring. Checking your heart rate in real time right on your wrist.

Blood Pressure monitoring

Check your blood pressure with its built in monitoring. Check anytime, anywhere in real time. There is also a blood oxygen monitoring checking your SpO2 anytime, especially if you are working out.

Sleep Monitoring

It automatically track the number of hours you sleep. According to its specs, it accurately record the deep sleep, light sleep along with heart rate.  It provides an analysis of your sleep, so you can adjust and have a healthy, good sleeping habit.

Smart Notifications

If you want to get notified anytime, anywhere with its smart reminder. Get call and message notifications with the option to read the information on your smart watch.It also support social app notifications, like SMS, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, and other popular apps.


WearFit 2.0 App for Jay Tech Smartwatch 1080

The smart watch uses the Wearfit 2.0 app. You can see all the stats and graphs and your overall activity. On the support app, view historical, sports records in the app available both in iOS and Android platform.

Additional Functions included in the smartwatch are:

Weather notifications, preloaded watch faces, drinking water reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm, timer, anti-lost, calendar and more.

Specifications of Jay Tech SmartWatch 1080

Processor: Hs6620D

Sensor: G-sensor, Heart Rate Sensor

Screen Size: 1.22inch TFT LCD Resolution: 208*240 pixels

Battery Capacity: 155 mAh Standby Time: About 12 days Normal Usage time of 7 days

Product size: 42.0 x 42.0 x 9.8mm     Product weight: 51.2g

Package Included:

1 x Smart Bracelet, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual

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