TekPluze Smartwatch – Apple Watch Clone with a Budget Friendly Price

TekPluze Smartwatch – Apple Watch Clone with a Budget Friendly Price

TekPluze Smartwatch, is another Apple watch clone. It is packed with sport and fitness features but with a budget friendly price. The smartwatch has a rectangular design with a curved edges and a single physical button looking like the Apple watch. The device is a stylish wearable with a trendy design. It has a sporty strap with stainless steel buckle. The wearable is a lightweight device with an IP67 waterproof rating, it is splash proof, wash proof and dust proof.

There are no details on the specifications of the TekPluze smartwatch, so let’s focus more on the features of the wearable.

Most users might be buying the TekPluze smartwatch due to its Apple Watch look. But beyond its familiar design, the wearable also features interesting sport and health functions. Well, we tried to check all the details on this smartwatch and here is what we found out.

Here are the notable features of the TekPluze Smartwatch

TekPluze Health and Fitness Functions

Heart Rate Monitoring and Blood Pressure Monitor

The smartwatch is loaded with heart rate monitoring, according to its product page, the wearable has dynamic heart rate monitoring. It can monitor your heart rate 24/7 providing you that status of your HR. A preview of your HR will be shown on your device, a complete graphs and stats is available in the support app.


Aside from HR, the smartwatch is also able to keep track of your blood pressure, check on the systolic and diastolic. It provide details on your blood pressure as well blood oxygen. But unlike the HRM that is dynamic, the BPM is manually activated. Take note, the results are cannot be the basis for diagnosis but only serves as a reference.

Sleep Monitoring

Just like other wearables, the TekPluze smartwatch also features automatic sleep monitoring. It can keep track of your sleep patterns. The deep sleep, light sleep and the hour of sleep for the night.

Multi-Sport mode

If you are into sports and fitness, there are at least 6 sports loaded to the device, pick from walking, running, hiking, exercise, rope skipping and badminton. Each sports function is accompanied by calorie, distance, speed and active time.

Track your movement and fitness, other sport functions supports map trajectory, with connected GPS. The smartwatch uses the built-in GPS of your smartphone to keep track of your movement and location.

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Smart Notifications

Received real time message and alerts with its call and message function. You can read the messages directly on the smartwatch. Also received notifications from social apps such as, Twitter, Linkedln, Line, Gmail, Facebook, Skype.

Other functions included in the device are:

Bluetooth functions like remote camera, music control, sedentary alert, adjust brightness, preloaded watch faces, stop watch, alarm and more.


It has Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with Android OS 4. 0 or iOS 9. 0 and above. The TekPluze Smartwatch last up to 8 days of normal usage and a standby time of 30 days in just 2 hours of charging.


Basic Specifications of TekPluze Smartwatch

Display:  1.3″ TFT LCD 240 x 240 pixels

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Weight: 69g

Battery: Lithium polymer battery 180mAh Standby time 30 days

Compatibility: Android OS 4. 0 or iOS 9. 0 and above

Support app: QWatch

Package Contents:

1 x TekPluze Smartwatch

1 x Magnetic charging cable

1 x User Manual

Questions Regarding the TekPluze Smartwatch

What is the Support app for TekPluze Smartwatch?

The smartwatch uses the QWatch app available both in Android and iOS platform. You need Android 4.0 and iOS 9.0 platform and above to be compatible.

My Tekpluze smartwatch will not connect with QWatch app?

Try to check whether the O.S of you phone is compatible with the app and the smartwatch. You can also try to restart the app as well as the smartwatch before connecting/synchronizing.

The heart rate of TekPluz is not accurate

Like most other low budget smartwatches, the heart rate monitor is not that accurate if you are in a constant movement. Try to sit still when you are measuring your HR.

Is TekPluze Smart watch waterproof?

Yes, it has an IP67 waterproof rating, it  is splash proof, wash proof as well as dust proof. Although on the product page, it can withstand swimming, but don’t advice it based on our experience with other smartwatches with IP67 rating.

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