IWO W46 Smartwatch – The Apple Watch 6 Clone better vs W26?

IWO W46 Smartwatch – The Apple Watch 6 Clone better vs W26?

IWO just released a new smart watch that aims to compete with other Apple watch smartwatch look alike. And based on its design and features, I think this is the ultimate Apple Watch clone, the IWO W46 smartwatch. The wearable has that Apple Watch look, still similar in design with the Apple Watch 5. It has a crown button on the side similar to the popular wearable and with a pill shape just below it.

According it its description, it’s the fully upgraded Watch 6, with much better specs compared to W26 version. The wearable has a zinc alloy body with curve on the edges, with smooth finish. On the bottom cover is PC with all the sensors and power connector is located.  Available in black, silver and gold finish, the smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap with a clip on lock similar to the popular wearable from Cupertino.

IWO W46 Smartwatch

The overall body of IWO W46 smartwatch is IP68 waterproof rated, it is splash proof, rain proof so now worries in wearing it while doing some outdoor activities, and the smart watch is also dustproof as well.

If the IWO W46 smartwatch was made to look like the Apple Watch 6/Apple Watch 5, with this the W46 has been upgraded with a much improve screen display, the smartwatch screen is describe as an infinity display, having a slimmer bezel, wider screen that goes almost all the way to the side of the smart watch.

It has a 1.75″ inch screen size with 320 x 385 pixel resolution. The same with the W26, it has a sharp, crisp clear display with full touch screen support.  To add more beauty to the device, the screen is protected by a 2.5D Gorilla tempered glass with crystal clear clarity and with anti-fingerprint feature.

Hardware and Sensors of IWO W46

The smart watch is packed with different health and fitness sensors such as g-sensor, heart rate monitoring as well as blood pressure monitor, bloody oxygen monitoring. It is also packed with ECG monitor providing your heart electrical pulse. Another health functions that included in the device is the thermometer sensor, yes there is a body temperature sensor loaded to the device.


If you are going to asked me about the accuracy, we are not sure whether it provides real time monitoring. The heart rate seems like it is working right, but with the blood pressure and the body thermometer is still in question. We encountered several smartwatches with sensors that provide data but it is in random and it really doesn’t really function.

The wearable has 280 mAh lithium polymer battery, with several days of standby time. It runs the MTK2502D processor with Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 compatible with Android and iOS platform.

Featured Packed Device with Fitness and Health functions

Notification Push

Read messages in real time, whether it’s from social app notifications like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook and other popular social apps. The smartwatch fast and real time notifications of messages as well as calls.

Sport Fitness to Keep your Fit

Pick from running, walking, climbing, cycling, table tennis, badminton, basketball, rope skipping, football, yoga. Each sport function is accompanied by distance as well as calorie counter.

It has an overall activity tracking, monitoring and analyzing your r every time. It automatically track your steps, calories and heart rate. Set a goal and achieve it with the aid of activity monitoring.


Here are some Notable Functions included in the IWO W46 Smartwatch

Music Control – control the loaded music in your smartphone with the Bluetooth music control in your smartwatch. Tap next, last, play, pause or control the volume controls.

Sleep Monitoring – monitor your sleep quality with its automatic sleep monitoring. Check the light, deep sleep and the number of hours you sleep.

Calculator – having problems with calculating numbers? Have quick calculations with the built-in calculator.

Shortcut Menus – personalize your smartwatch with the quick access to your favorite functions with its shortcut page.

Here are the complete Menus and Functions in the W64 Smartwatch


Bluetooth Calls

Call logs




Heart rate Monitor


Body Temperature



Sleep Monitor


Bluetooth Camera




Bluetooth Music

Multiple Languages Set


Sedentary alert

Raise to Wrist Wake screen



Our Initial Review/Preview of its Specs and Features

So far, the smartwatch is able to achieve its aim to copy the look of the Apple watch smartwatch. It almost  has the same style, the display screen, but of course checking it closely and meticulously you really can sport the difference.

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Anyways, the smart watch has a very affordable price, far from the original. It got the basics to keep track of your activities,  if you want a smartwatch that looks like an Apple watch but don’t have the budget, the IWO W64 smartwatch is a good pick.

FAQ Regarding the IWO W46 Smartwatch

Is IWO W46 Waterproof?

Yes, the smartwatch is waterproof, it has an IP68 waterproof rating. It is splash proof, wash proof, rain proof. But  it is not advise to wear it while swimming.

What is the support app of IWO W46?

The support app of IWO W46 is FitCloud Pro app available in IOS and Android platform

My  IWO W46 Won’t Connect with my Smartphone

If there is a problem with connection and synchronization with IWO W46, restart your phone or your smartwatch. Try to install the compatible app version for your phone.



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