IWO 12 Smartwatch – Best Apple Watch Clone?

IWO 12 Smartwatch – Best Apple Watch Clone?

There is a lot of talks on what is the best smartwatch to compete with Apple Watch. If you are going to scout the web, there are a lot of contenders that might challenge the popular smartwatch from Cupertino. With all the focus on Apple Watch and other contender, a cheap Apple Watch clone is a hot sell for those who are looking for an Apple Watch lookalike. IWO 12 Smartwatch, an Apple watch clone with all the aesthetic look of the premium smartwatch, sort of.

The popularity with the IWO series starts with the IWO 8, and every year since its debut, IWO Apple watch clone series is awaited. With each version adding new features and improvement on the design, getting closer to the likes of Apple watch. See 2nd Generation IWO smartwatch

The IWO 12 smartwatch is based on the latest smartwatch from Apple the Apple Watch series 5, with a much wider display and with slim bezel.

Apple Watch clone


Looking at the design, you might mistake it as an Apple Watch at first glance. Especially if you are not really familiar with the full look of Apple Watch 5. Choose between the 40 mm and 44 mm, a smaller one for women or with smaller wrist, and a much bigger 44 mm for those who would love a wider body. The IWO 12 smartwatch has an alloy body having a smooth curved finish. On the side is a physical button crown that is strikingly similar to Apple watch. Even the pill shape button on the bottom is copied from the popular wearable.

If you are going to ask me about the overall design including the bottom part, you will be surprised that it is also similar to Apple Watch. That is why when I first saw it from someone, I mistakenly thought that it is the popular Apple Watch series 5. Taking a close look, shows that it is a different smartwatch. It is really is a good Apple Watch clone, it could trick any fans to think that it’s an Apple Watch especially if looking at it from a distance.

Well, the design doesn’t end there, it also has a removable strap. It has that sporty silicon or leather strap that you can slide to clip it in, a blatant copy of the Apple watch design.


The IWO 12 smartwatch has a 1.54” inch IPS LCD screen with 240 x 240-pixel resolution. It is in high definition with full touch screen method of operation. The screen is HD and full color but with just 240 x 240 pixel resolution, it has a very obvious difference compared to the original.

Anyways, still it has a good graphics, sharp text and images with vivid colors and good brightness. The smartwatch looks attractive with the preloaded watch faces. You can choose a watch face that suits you or mimic the look of the series 5. Some of the watch faces are patterned or a copy to Apple Watch 5 watch faces. The display is protected by a 2.5D glass surface that goes all the way to the edge of the body.

IWO 12 smartwatch

Hardware and Features

It runs the fast but power saver processor MTK2502C processor. Equipped with 256 MB of ROM and 64 MB of RAM. It has a heart rate monitor, g-sensor and with Bluetooth 4.0, and compatible with Android and iOS platform.  So far, even though it has a limited memory and simple OS that has limited functionality. The smartwatch runs smoothly, especially on the menu transition.

Similar to its predecessor, the wearable has call and message notification, with the option to read the information right on the smartwatch. It also has automatic step tracking, sedentary reminder and sleep monitoring. Additional functions included are Bluetooth music player, alarm, calendar, stop watch and more.

See Basic Specs below:

Display Screen: HD IPS, 240 x 240 2.5D


Memory: 256M+64M

Battery: 380MAH

Bluetooth version:4.0

System: Support Android OS 4.4 above & IOS 8.0 above

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for a good Apple watch clone, I guess the IWO 12 smartwatch is a top contender. In terms of looks and design, IWO did a good job in copying the overall design of the popular smartwatch. In terms of software, it only got the basic features that you see also in most fitness tracker in the market. Don’t expect to have an app store where you can download additional apps, or even an OTA update for new features.

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I don’t know the accuracy of the sensors, But I guess just like any other cheap smartwatches, it can only provide a guess estimates of the steps. The call and message works ok and you can receive the notifications in real time. There are some other versions of the IWO 12 with PP + ECG functionality, even though I’m pretty sure it is far from accurate, still it’s a good feature that fans will appreciate.

On the positive note, the device has a premium sort of metal body, interchangeable straps with variety of options. Beautiful preloaded watch faces that mimics the look of the Apple watch. The IWO 12 smartwatch is a good Apple watch clone in terms of looks. It is on the top list of Apple Watch replica that you can buy for a very affordable price.

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