DGTec Smartwatch – Different Models Same Amazing Features

DGTec Smartwatch – Different Models Same Amazing Features

Exploring the web for new and unique wearables, we encountered this unfamiliar smartwatches. The company “DGTec” has several good looking smart watches, we are not familiar with the brand as well as the model of smart watches they have so we decided to take a look on what they are offering.

The brand is DGTec, as what we found out has several smartwatches in its product line-up, ranging from circular smartwatches to rectangular. They also have a fitness tracker in their wearable category. Anyways, we tried to check on their smartwatches but we are confused with the modeling code for its smartwatches most shopping sites listed each product as DGTec smartwatch without the model number.

Checking out the specs and features all has almost the same specs and features just different in design and sizes. Here are some of the smartwatches from DGTec brand.

DGTec List of Smartwatches

DGTec AMOLED Smartwatch

Its the top of the line from the list, this DGTec AMOLED smartwatch has a classic premium look. It has a stainless steel body with ceramic bezel looking like a chronotype watch. There are at least 3 metallic physical buttons on the side, a button for home/power, menu and mode. Looks premium with its design accompanied by a leather/silicon strap with steel enclosure.


The overall body is IP68 waterproof rated, it is rain proof, wash proof and dust proof as well. It has a beautiful 1.3″ inch AMOLED display with full touch screen operation. The smartwatch has a masculine look, although it has a 44 mm diameter compact size screen, the smartwatch is more fit for men.

Regarding its features, the wearable has an all day heart rate monitoring, sport functions, weather, step with distance and calorie counter. It is also equipped with call and message notifications, timer, alarm, find phone function. The smartwatch also features remote photo capture, sleep monitoring, preloaded watch faces and other useful functions.


DGTEC Smart Watch for Men

The smart watch has a sporty outdoor look, having two physical buttons on the side, a rugged body design. It looks like it has a speaker on the side of the body, maybe for Bluetooth calls or music player we are not sure. The smartwatch has a breathable strap with stainless steel enclosure. The smartwatch has almost the same features as the above wearable except that this one has a 1.3″ inch IPS color display instead of an AMOLED screen.

DGTech Smartwatch – Light and Simple

This smartwatch is a bit minimalist in design, still it has that sporty look with breathable straps but more simple compared to other entry. It features a simple design, clean minimalist bezel with breathable two tone sporty strap. The smartwatch has a 1.3” inch IPS LCD screen full color display with call and message notifications. Step tracking with calorie tracking, goal setting, sleep tracking & guidance.

DGTec Smartwatch

DGTec Smartwatch – Rectangular Design

This smartwatch is the only rectangular smartwatch in its collection. It aims to go for those who would love to have a simple, classic looking smartwatch with a user friendly, direct UI approach. This design has a 1.4” inch IPS color screen with full touch screen operation.


The body has a single physical button on the side that work as a home/power button and with a sporty two tone breathable sporty strap. Just like the above smartwatches, this mode has a call and message notifications, social app notifications, weather alert, music control, sport tracking, remote photo capture.

Orunning App Support App for All DGTec Smartwatches

The above smartwatches is using the Orunning app available in Android and iOS platform. It is an app for sport and fitness wearables. The app provide comprehensive details on the heart rate monitoring, sport tracking, sleep, and other options available in your smartwatch.

Android app is available here

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