Bakeey DF75 Smartwatch – A Kids Smartwatch with Safety Feature

Bakeey DF75 Smartwatch – A Kids Smartwatch Packed with Safety Feature

We are back again in providing you with the latest children’s smartwatch in the market. And what we have here is a fully packed safety kids smartwatch for the peace of mind of parents. Introducing the Bakeey DF75 smartwatch, a wearable built for kids with 4G support. Here are the details for the F75 smartwatch, a device with a bunch of security features.

Design and Build Quality

The Bakeey DF75 smartwatch has a PC body, a wearable that has an outdoor design, making it durable for outdoor activities. Especially that kids are naturally active. Kids wearing when wearing the smartwatch makes the device more prone to scratches, chipping as well as bumps. But the DF75 wearable has a built-in protection, no worries even if your kids have an active lifestyle. It has a PC body, a TPU strap that has a food-grade material, making it safe for kids.

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Another feature that gives the smartwatch some sort of protection is the IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. It is protected from the usual water problem that kids face everyday. The wearable is protected from hand washing, rain drops, sweat. You don’t have to worry that your kids will spill water on it while doing their activities.

In terms of looks, it is also attractive for kids as the wearable is available in tow tone color with striking color options. With regards to its display, the smartwatch has a 1.4” inch full color screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, it has a touch button key operation and with cool themes that fit children.


Security Features for Kids Safety

Before we enumerate the other functionalities of the DF75 smartwatch. We will focus first on the security feature of the wearable that makes your kids safe.

Multiple Positioning Support

Keep an eye on your kids location even if you are not physically beside your kids, with the multiple positioning system. It has a built-in GPS, LBS as well as WIFI. It has an accurate real-time positioning, checking your child movement anytime.

Electronic Fence

Another security function that works side b side with the GPS, is the electronic fence. You will be notified/alerted when your kids roam outside the designated area. Keeping your kids safe all the time under the watchful eye of the electronic fence feature.

Where can you Check the location of the Child?

If you want to check the location of your kids, you can check it on a built-in map available in the support app.

4G Network

All of the above function is made possible due to the built-in 4G support for the smartwatch. The wearable has a SIM tray on the side that supports 4G network,  it is fast and supports a variety of networks.

Entertainment Function in the Smartwatch

Entertainment and Fun Functions included in the Smartwatch:

I’m pretty sure kids will love this, the smartwatch has a front-end camera. They can take photos, record videos anytime with their wearable. Capture fun and memorable moments with the built-in camera.

With its support for 4G and the built in camera, you can have a high definition calls to your children. It has a good picture quality, smooth video call. Aside from the functions we already stated, the wearable has other features that makes it fun as well as safe for kids to use the smartwatch. The smartwatch is available right now in different e-shopping site.

Bakeey DF75 Smartwatch Specifications

Display : 1.4” inch 240 x 240

Camera 0.3MP

Connectivity: 4G GSM/TDSCDMA /WCDMA /TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE :B1 B2 B3 B5 B7 B8

GPS: Yes

Battery capacity: 680mAh Standby time of 70 hours




Waterproof level:IP67

LocationLBS+GPS+WIFI Multiple location

Tracker APP: SeTracker2

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