Qnix Watch Smartwatch – Sporty and Loaded with Health functions

Qnix Watch Smartwatch – Sporty and Loaded with Health functions

We spotted this wearable online being offered for 50% OFF. A sport health smartwatch, with the latest, and fitness function. Seems like it’s a good deal as it is 50% OFF as well as with free shipping. Is it really a good deal? Lets check the Qnix Watch smartwatch, and see the features especially in health, and sport functions.

There are few reviews of the Qnix Watch online but most seem like marketing the wearable instead of stating its features. If you want to know more about the wearable below are its details.

What are the Health Functions of Qnix Watch Smartwatch?

The company behind the Qnix promotes the wearable as a health smartwatch. Here are its health functions

Hearth Rate Monitoring

It measures heart rate, with the option to alert you when it monitors an abnormal heart rate. The optical heart rate monitor can be set to 24/7 monitoring.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

A function that is very useful for those who want to monitor their oxygen intake during workout or just doing their usual work. This is not automatic btu can be activated in demand.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

With this function, it monitors the systolic, and diastolic anytime, anywhere. Similar to blood oxygen, it can monitor your BPM by activating it.

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Again, the above health functions is not a medical-grade sensor. So the results cannot be use as a basis for diagnosing your health issues but rather just a reference.

Sleep Monitoring

For those who would like to monitor their sleeping pattern. The wearable has a sleep tracking feature. It monitors light sleep, deep sleep as well as sleeping time and awake time. It doesn’t say whether the sleep monitoring is automatically activated during nighttime or you have to set it manually. But based on our experience with the latest smartwatches, usually, the sleep is on automatic mode.

Regarding its health functions, it says that the wearable is used in the medical field. But we don’t think that is this is the case with Qnix. Just like most of the wearable in the market, it doesn’t have an FDA approval yet on its health sensors.

Is there a Sport Function in the Smartwatch?

The wearable is not just a health smartwatch but also a sports wearable. With this, it is equipped with several sports functions. Some of the sports included are running, walking, cycling, mountaineering, and more. Aside from that, the smartwatch has automatic activity tracking, it automatically monitors your daily activity. It checks the steps, calories as well as distance.

Qnix smartwatch

Does the Qnix Watch Support Real-Time Notifications?

Just like other smartwatches, the Qnix Watch support smart notifications. It supports call notifications, it also supports message notifications with the option to read messages directly in the device.

Are there any Features included in the Smartwatch?

It is not stated in the promotional article but we are pretty sure that it has the following functions that is usually standard in wearables. Functions such as alarm, sedentary reminder, and preloaded watch faces.


The smartwatch has a rectangular design, seems like the body is available in black color only, and with a single physical button on the side. It has a color LCD screen with full touch support. The body is available in black color options but there are several color options for the strap. Pick from classic black, white, purple and other striking colors.

Our Take on the Qnix Smartwatch

The wearable got the basic features, which include sport functions as well as messaging functions. It has a good health function that works side by side with its sports monitoring. We are not sure how the wearable will perform in the actual use. But the company state that it has good performance including the battery life, and with good compatibility with most devices running Android and iOS.

Qnix Watch Smartwatch Specifications

Body: Zinc Alloy

Display: Color Display screen with Full Touch Support

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Compatibility: Android and iOS platform

Waterproof Rating: IP67 waterproof


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