Zeblaze THOR 4 is Here! – A 4G LTE Smartwatch

Zeblaze THOR 4 is Here! – A 4G LTE Smartwatch

Looking for a 4G LTE enabled smartwatch? Zeblaze got one for you, the Zeblaze THOR 4 is the one that you need. It is a a trendy smartwatch with a sporty look, having two physical buttons on the side, a home and return button and in between is a camera, with a silicon strap and outdoor look style.

With the display screen, Zeblaze put the high end features to this wearable. It has a 1.39″ inch Super AMOLED display providing full brightness and high saturation, having  400 X 400 high resolution display with 85% screen to body ratio. The display is protected by a top of the line 2.5 edge Corning Gorilla Glass 4, known to be one of the toughest in the market when it comes to durability.

The smartwatch is a 4G LTE smartwatch a nano SIM card slot and powered by MTK6773 1.1 Ghz Quadcore processor and  runs the Android 7.0 operating system. It has a good storage capacity having 16 GB internal storage and 1 GB or RAM. Regarding the camera, it has a 5.0 MP high resolution camera with digital zoom.

The Zeblaze THOR 4 is also one of the very first to have a pure round battery with fast charging technology, able to load 75% power in just 1 hour of charging. The 580 mAh gives the smartwatch a good battery life.

Features of the smartwatch includes  150 creative dials, multiple sports mode, built-in GPS, call and message reminder, bluetooth music, sociall app notifications and more. The Thor 4 is a cool looking smartwatch loaded with new and exciting features.

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Right now the smartwatch is on a great deal at Banggood.com. The have a free order giveaway, starting May 21st, 2018, a free trial of the Zeblaze Thor 4, 2 free orders chosen randomly that will be announced first on May 31st.

See Basic Specs of the smartwatch

  • Processor: MTK6737 1.1GHz,Quad Core
  • Display: 1.39inch Super Amoled Display CORNING Gorilla Glass  4
  • Storage: RAM    1GB        ROM      16GB
  • Camera: 5.0MP
  • Sensor: Heart-rate monitor,Proximity sensor,Accelerometer
  • Battery:580 mAh Polymer lithium ion battery(New-type Pure Round)
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