Ticwatch Pro – Features Amazing Dual Screen

Ticwatch Pro – Features Amazing Dual Screen

Mobvio, a company that brought the popular and affordable Ticwatch series in the market, the Ticwatch E and the Ticwatch S that is powered by AndroidWear/Wear OS by Google. These smartwatches received positive reviews and it is one of the best Wear OS powered smartwatches in the market today.

With the success of TicWatch E and S, Mobvoi has a new wearable that is coming soon, another smartwatch powered by smartwatch O.S by Google, the WearOS. The Ticwatch Pro, a wearable with new and amazing features under the hood, I think it is one of the newest smartwatch in the market with a dual screen. Yes, the smartwatch has two physical displays.  The Ticwatch Pro has a second FSTN display similar to that of a regular digital wrist watch that sits on top of the main color OLED display.

The two display works this way, the transparent second screen activates and shows time in a low power mode, when the high resolution colour display is not in use, saving power and providing the smartwatch with more juice, I think it is a genius way of having an always-on display without sacrificing the battery life. Photos  below.

When you are ready to interact and use your smartwatch again, the top display will turn-off showing the color OLED screen, you can use it with a regular smartwatch running Wear OS. It also has an essential feature that pushes the battery life to 30 days, turning off most of its smart features.

Other features that is expected to be loaded in the Ticwatch Pro are NFC, fitness options, and notification features, right now only few images and brief details about the Ticwatch Pro , the smartwatch is said to be under $300 U.S dollars and will be available in partnered Movboi e-commerce site.


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