Microwear L3 Smartwatch – Multi- Sport Mode Plus Intimate Loving Monitoring

Microwear L3 Smartwatch – Multi- Sport Mode Plus Intimate Loving Monitoring

Microwear got a new smartwatch in their arsenal, a sporty smartwatch loaded with multi-mode sport, the wearable Microwear L3 is packed with features yet still manage to have an ultra-thin design. Anyways, right now it is available on a presale in Aliexpress, but before you browse and get one, let’s learn more about this new wearable from Microwear.

Having a trendy design with its steel case body and sporty silicon strap, the smartwatch has a 1.2 inch IPS LCD screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution protected by a reinforced mineral glass. Just 11.65 mm thick, the wearable has at least three physical buttons with special function, multi-sport, power button and step button.

Powered by MTK2502 processor, the smartwatch has heart rate monitor, pedometer and multi-sport mode such as walking, running, mountaineering, riding, badminton, table tennis and basketball.

It is a fully loaded sport smartwatch, but if that is not enough, the Microwear L3 smartwatch does have some weird feature that I think is a first in smartwatches, if I’m not mistaken. It has an intimate/loving feature or whatever you call it, it is a romantic feature that record your romantic/intimate time with your love one, and it monitors your heart rate as well as the calorie burn in the entire time that you are having a sweet time with your love one. Well, that’s new!!

Additional features included in the smartwatch are stopwatch, calculator, find my phone, bluetooth camera, message and call notifications and more.

Available in red/black, blue/black, grey and blue strap color combinations, the Microwear L3 do have some new offering that is not present in other wearables, it’s that latest offering from Microwear and do have some promising features, if you are interested you can check out their latest wearables at the following pages.

Check the Official website at Microwear.com, or get one of their latest product at AliExpress.  Also Visit Microwear’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

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