Zeblaze Released a Circular Smartwatch Called Thor

This past few months Zeblaze is actively bringing new devices in the market. After the popular Zeblaze Zeband, they followed it up with the Zeblaze Zeband 2 a mixed between a smartwatch and a smartband, then the recent Zeblaze Zeband Plus, a version of a Zeblaze Zeband with a much better strap.

Well Zeblaze put it to the next level with its new Android based smartwatch, check out the Zeblaze Thor, the Android smartwatch. The Zeblaze Thor has a sporty look, a thin bezel with stainless steel body with a sporty TPU strap. It has a physical button on the side and a built in camera.

According to its specs the Thor has a 1.4” inch Super AMOLED display with 400 x 400 pixel resolution, yes you read it right, this smartwatch got a high end specs. Well if that is not enough, the screen is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3, which we rarely see in a smartwatch that is in this price range. See full specifications here.

The Zeblaze Thor is a good looking smartwatch with a high end specs, this smartwatch is expected to challenge the popular LEMFO Les1, No.1 smartwatches as well as the lstes KingWear wearables running Android O.S. According to several shopping site the device retails for about $129.99, a very affordable price, considering its price and specs are on the top notch.


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