Adidas Chameleon Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Spotted in the Wild

For the meantime Adidas might be signing off with smartwatches, but its plan for fitness tracker is still on, and this year it might be planning to release a new fitness band that may accompany its new fitness app.

According to the report, Adidas might be panning to release a new fitness band, it might be called “Adidas Chameleon Heart Rate Fitness Tracker”. The Fitness tracker has been spotted in a press image of Adidad All Day Fitness app. The wearable that has been spotted shows a slim band with a possible LED matrix style display. It is also expected to work with “All Day” fitness app and might have a wide range of customization option for its band. It might also intended for women as the app “All Day” is an app that focuses on womens fitness.

So far no words from Adidas of the features and specs of the fitness band, or if when will be the release date of the said wearable. Anyways just stay tuned here at for the latest update on Adidas Chameleon Fitness Tracker.


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