Two Display Screen for Samsung’s Next Smartwatch?

We have to admit, Samsung is one of the top company when it comes to innovation especially on smartwatches. The rotating bezel on its Gears S2 and S3 set the bar high for smartwatch design, receiving several accolades both from avid fans of Samsung as well as its critics.

And now seems like Samsung is going to shake the smartwatch industry again with its next bold design. Recent patent by Samsung in U.S Patent and Trademark Office shows a new design where the second screen is embedded not on the strap but on the outside edge of the watch bezel, the screen is somewhat like a ticker, with its functionality similar to Samsung Galaxy Edge where it shows maybe time and date notifications, current weather or song playing with its lyrics moving along the screen maybe.

The design of Samsung is really bold, especially that having two screen could easily drain the battery fast. Or maybe Samsung think that instead of an always on display for smartwatch, or notifications popping up, users can choose, the information to be shown instead on the second display screen rather than the main screen saving more battery life.

Hopefully we might see this design materialized; this innovation could add interest to smartwatch fans especially for those who are not yet into smartwatches.


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