Willful Smart Watch 2020 – Simple, Affordable Fitness Partner

Willful Smart Watch 2020 – Simple, Affordable Fitness Partner

Here are smartwatchspecifications.com, our aim is to bring you’re the latest wearable in the market. Plus with a price that is light on the budget with good features. And of course every week we bring you affordable wearables packed with health and fitness features.

We check on the Willful smart watch 2020,  a device that we think suits the description that we are looking. The smart watch is listed on Amazon as an affordable fitness and health device with improved hardware and design.

Before we dive in to its features especially on the health and fitness, let us check first its design and display. The Willful Smart watch 2020 has a simple design, it has undergone several iterations. From a simple rectangular design with a physical button, to this latest 2020 version with much polished make. The physical button is absent and its body has a slight curve to it making it sit comfortably on your wrist.

Unlike the previous version where the device has either a circular or a rectangular physical button, in the 2020 version it was fully eradicated. The Willful smart watch 2020 has a much cleaner design, a slightly curved body with a metal bezel and PC back cover. It has a silicon strap with stainless steel buckle.


If the silicon strap that comes with the device is not your thing and would rather have a much sporty or leather strap. It is easy to replace as the band has a quick release pin for easy changing. Overall, the smart watch has an IP68 waterproof rating, according to its specs you don’t have to worry about wearing it while washing hands or going to swimming.

The smart watch has a 1.2” inch IPS LCD screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is sharp with crisp and bright screen.  The device don’t support touch screen operation but relies on the touch button key located on the bottom of the screen. We hope that at least the company could have switch to full touch screen instead of a button key which is usually for fitness tracker only.

Features and Functions of Willful Smart watch 2020

Willful loaded the smart watch with at least 11 sports mode, get fit and healthy by picking the sports that suits you. Just choose from indoor run, hiking, indoor walk, outdoor run, outdoor walk, outdoor cycling, elliptical trainer, rower, yoga, indoor cycling and other sports functions.

Automatic Activity Tracking – If you don’t have time for intense workout, still you can keep track of your fitness activity with its automatic activity tracking. The smart watch can record the number of steps, calories and distance your travelled.

Connected GPS – Despite that most of the sports functions are for outdoors, sadly the Willful smart watch 2020 don’t have a built-in GPS. But the good thing is, you can still have a map trajectory of your workout with its connected GPS.


Other health and fitness functions included in the smart watch are breathing guide, heart rate monitoring with the option to monitor your HR every now and then. It is also equipped with sleep monitoring, check the number of hour you sleep, the deep sleep, light sleep and awake time.

Smart Notifications and other useful functions

Of course, what’s the use of a smart watch if there is no smart notifications. The Willful Smart watch 2020 can inform you of incoming calls, messages, social app messages such as Twitter, Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Linkedln, Skype and other popular messaging apps.

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Other functions

Additional functions are do not disturb mode, alarm, stop watch, breathing guide preloaded watch faces. Despite its simple approach in design, it is a pretty loaded device. It also has a long standby time of about 42 days in just a single charge and about 7 days of battery life in just 1-2 hours of charging.

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Our Take on the Features of the smart watch

The wearable do have good features despite in simplicity in design. It might not have a branded name but it got the basic to keep you healthy and fit. Of course there are some that is disappointed with the device, as it lack some of functions that we see on higher end smart watches. But we are also surprised with a number of positive reviews on the device. I guess, when you weigh-in the price of the wearable with the features that is offering, the $25 dollar price tag is not bad at all.

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