Amazfit Neo Smart Watch – Review of Features

Amazfit Neo Smart Watch – Review of Features

Finally it’s here, the smart watch that Amazfit calls “Beyond Retro“, introducing the Amazfit Neo. A wearable with a retro design,  somewhat like the wrist watch of the 90’s, a Casio looking type design. It is light, sporty and brings back good all memories, the day when you first got your digital wrist watch.

Amazfit went a different way with the design of the Amazfit Neo, most wearable goes for futuristic, classic premium design, some are minimalist. With the Neo Amazfit goes back to basic with a non-intrusive way providing information to the user. Contrary with its previous wearables, Amazfit goes back pure manual on how you operate the Amazfit Neo, navigation and selection of option is via the physical buttons.

I guess there is beauty in simplicity, a joy in going back to the good old days of classic digital wrist watches. The Amazfit Neo smart watch has a classic look, retro feel, but underneath the appearance are smart features.

Amazfit Neo Smartwatch

But before we have a preview/review of its features of the smart watch, let’s check more on the details of the wearable. With the classic retro look, the smart watch has four physical buttons to allow you to navigate on the page of the device. Buttons function includes “Page up/Stopwatch, Turn on/Select, Turn on/off backlight/back, page down/others.

The body is made from plastic but it is durable and compact with high waterproof rating, it can withstand up to 50 meters underwater. When it comes to the display, the wearable has a 1.2″ inch STN black and white display. It is an always on display with good viewing angle and brightness even in direct sunlight. The screen is a retro display that we usually see in digital wrist watches.

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It has good brightness as well as it is a power saver. At night, you can check the time by pressing the back light button on the side of the wearable. Of course with this type of display there are some downsides. Don’t expect a full color screen or a touch screen method of operation.


Features of Amazfit Neo Smart Watch

Despite its classic look, the smart watch is advanced on the inside. The wearable has a 24/7 heart rate tracking. It is equipped with Huami’s Bio Tracker PPG sensor, a similar HR sensor that we see in high end smartwatches by Huami Amazfit. It can provide real time monitoring of your heart rate 24 hours a day.

Activity Tracking

It is equipped with automatic activity tracking, it track your steps along with calories and distance. It is also equipped with PAI (Personal Active Intelligence). The smart algorithm can assess your overall heart health.

Keep fit with its real time workout, choose from different sports mode and see detailed information about your workout time, heart rate and volume.


Automatic Sleep Monitoring, keep track of your sleep time with Amazfit smart algorithm for sleep monitoring. It will monitor your sleep pattern, especially the REM sleep. It also has a Nap monitoring which is non-existent in sleep function of other smartwatches. With this function, the Biotracker of Amazfit Neo can monitor your sleep even if it is just a short period of time.

Smart Notifications

Get alerts with its phone call notifications and message notifications. It also support emails and notifications from popular social messaging apps.

Long Battery Life

With its power saving screen and simple UI, the smart watch has manage to have 28 days of battery life with a normal usage and 37 days with power saving mode activated.  That is an impressive battery life in just a single charge with its 160 mAh lithium iOn battery.



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