Tinwoo Eclipse W Smartwatch – Review of Features

Tinwoo Eclipse W Smartwatch – Review of Features

Here is a cool looking sporty smartwatch from Tinwoo Tech, the Tinwoo Eclispe W smartwatch. The wearable has a classic look/ chronotype design, it has a stainless steel body with three physical buttons on the side. The design looks more masculine with a strong appearance. It weighs around 62 grams with looks like your typical classic wristwatch but much smarter on the inside. Based on its product page, the wearable is available in black color only. And with a sporty, waterproof silicon strap with stainless steel enclosure.

The overall body is IP68 waterproof, it is waterproof up to 50 meters, no need to worry about getting it wet while washing hands, rain, or even taking it into a swim.


The circular body comes with a circular display, it has a full circular, full color 1.54” inch TFT LCD display screen with full touch support. Its 240 x 240 pixel resolution provides sharp, clear, vivid colors. The display screen is scratch-resistant, according to Tinwoo, the glass is made from a premium Japanese AGC tempered glass screen.

Tinwoo Eclipse W Smartwatch Features

When it come to features, the smartwatch is loaded with new and exciting features. Tinwoo Eclispe W Smartwatch has wireless charging support. Yes, aside from magnetic USB cable charging. The smartwatch also supports wireless charging which is usually available in high-end wearables.

Multi-Sport Modes

The wearable has at least 8 sports mode to keep you healthy and fit. Aside from automatic activity tracking, the wearable has several sports mode accompanied by calorie, heart rate, distance. Sports included are walking, running, hiking, cycling, and other popular ball activities.


Sleep Monitoring

Monitor your sleep, with its automatic sleep monitoring. Keep track of your sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and the number of sleep hours. It has an automatic sleep monitoring to keep track of your nap time.

The smartwatch has HRS3300 optical sensor with high precision heart rate detection with vibration alerts. With regard to activity tracking, it has the following features to keep you fit. It has heart rate, step counter, distance, and calories burned.

Smart Notifications

Get real time messages and alerts with smart notifications. It support call and message notifications, received incoming calls, SMM messages emails. The wearable support social app messages, Twitter, Line, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, Linkedln other reminders include alarm, find band, sedentary alerts.

Other functions included are music control, camera control, alarm and weather forecast, and other useful features.

Here are the basic specifications of the Tinwoo Eclipse W Smartwatch

the wearable has 3 axis accelerometer, HRS300 heart rate sensor. It has Bluetooth BLE 4.2 compatible with Android and iOS. The wearable runs the Nordic 52832 processor with 64KB + 512 KB of memory. The smartwatch has 300 mAh battery with 20 days of standby time and 10-15 days of normal usage.

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