Tahari Smartwatch  Classic Premium Wearable – Review of Features

Tahari Smartwatch  Classic Premium Wearable – Review of Features

Simplicity, Minimalist, this is the look of the Tahari Smartwatch. The wearable has a clean look, simple slim bezel with a single physical button on the side. Its clean design makes it look like a premium smartwatch with a sporty silicon strap with metal enclosure.

The smartwatch is available in rose gold color giving it a beautiful and classy look. It is a light simple design smartwatch that can be worn whether its office or casual attire. It also has a unisex style, not too big, not too small, just the right size making it comfortable to wear.

Featured Pack Smartwatch – It is Tahari

Heart and Blood Monitoring

Just like other popular wearable in the market, the smartwatch has a sporty heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor as well as blood oxygen monitoring. It is loaded with health monitoring function, able to keep track of your heart health in real-time. All of the complete stats are available in iOS and Android support app.


Sleep Monitoring

Additional health features included are sleep monitoring, monitor your deep sleep, light sleep as well as the number of hours of sleep with complete stats and graphs for the monitored sleep. It also has a sedentary alert, monitoring your activity, alerting you to move after a long period of sitting.

Multi-Sport Mode – keep fit and healthy with its sports mode. Keep track of your fitness with walking, running, cycling sports mode to name a few. Each sport mode is accompanied by calorie and distance counter.

Real Time Notifications

Receive real time alerts with its call and message support, get SMS alerts, call notifications, social app notifications. With SMS messages, you have the option to read the information right on your smartwatch.

Real Time Weather Reports

Get updates on weather with the real time weather feature of the smartwatch. Easy to check on the current weather with this function in Tahari Smartwatch.


Bluetooth Remote Function

The smartwatch don’t have storage for music files, but you can still enjoy music with its music Bluetooth function. Control the music on your smartphone with this feature. Stop, play, pause or go to the next option with music Bluetooth function. You can also use the remote control for camera to capture photos, which is a very useful feature.

Additional functions included in the smartwatch are stopwatch, alarm, weather, camera remote, and calendar feature.


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