SoundPeats Smartwatch,Watch 1 Model – Review of Features

SoundPeats Smartwatch,Watch 1 Model – Review of Features

Soundpeats, the maker of popular wireless earbuds and sports earbuds such as Force, True and Q series, brings the Soundpeats smartwatch Watch 1 model. The smartwatch has that classic rectangular design with silicone watch strap.

Let’s check if the offerings of this new smartwatch from Soundpeats are unique and offer new and exciting features.

Design and Build

The Soundpeats smartwatch model watch 1 has that sporty rectangular design. Checking on the promotional images, the Soundpeats smartwatch has a metal body with rounded corners. It looks professionally design, looking like a premium wearable with a single rectangular button on the side. It has a clean build, sporty flexible TPU strap with metal enclosure.

We don’t have the exact product specs, so we will just base our judgment on the promotional image on its product page. I think the wearable has a good make, solid body. Still, it is a lightweight smartwatch having 54 grams in total weight, and with its solid build, the smartwatch seems durable.

It also has a good waterproof rating, having an IP68 rating making it suitable in most various conditions.


Soundpeats Smartwatch Model Watch 1 Specifications at a Glance

Body: Metal

Product Dimensions: 41.1 x 35.4 x 11.7mm

Item Weight: 54g

Display: 1.4 inches, 320 x 320 pixels

Sensor: g-sensor, heart rate monitor

Bluetooth: 5.0

Waterproof Level: IP68

Battery Capacity: 260mAH Normal Use: 10 Days

More details about the smartwatch here

The Soundpeats smartwatch has a color screen smartwatch with its 1.4” inch full touch screen display. It has a widescreen display but it is just a bit disappointing that the screen has a wide black bezel. There is plenty of space that could have been added to the display screen. If the screen bezel could have been slimmer. Anyways, it has a sharp color screen with its 320 x 320-pixel resolution.


Features of the Soundpeats Smartwatch Watch-1 model

The wearable is equipped with a 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It has PPG sensor providing real-time HR, you can set the HR to automatically monitor your heart rate with full graphs and data on the support app.

Another health function is sleep monitoring, Soundpeats describe it as a “Sleep Quality Tracker”. It tracks deep sleep, light sleep and duration. It overall track your sleep activity, and just like the HR, a comprehensive sleep quality analysis is available in the support app.

Sports and Fitness Tracking

With its sports design, the smartwatch is loaded with at least 12 sports mode. Sports loaded to the device are jogging, fast walking, biking, climbing, spinning, yoga, indoor running, integrated training, gymnastic, basketball, football and rowing.

Real-Time Notifications

The Soundpeats smartwatch has basic notifications. Received call notifications, SMS or SNS. It supports social apps such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other popular apps.

SoundPeats Sports App

The smartwatch ahs its own support app. It features daily and monitoring statistics and workouts. The Soundpeats support app also has a feature to connect and synchronize the data to Apple Health Kit.

Initial Review of the Watch 1, Soundpeats Smartwatch

So far, in terms of design, the smartwatch has a sporty, trendy look. It has a metal body with nice rounded corners and sharp sleek edges. It is a medium-size wearable that is light and with a flexible silicon watch strap with stainless steel buckle.

In terms of features, it is a multi-functional smart watch, compatible with Android 4.4 & ios 8.0 and above phones. It has health tracking, sport tracking. It reminds me of the popular ID205L smartwatch but this has a much better design. The smartwatch is very affordable which makes it a good pick for those who are looking for a simple yet dependable smartwatch.

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