HeartStrong Fitness Tracker- Initial Review of its Feature Offering

HeartStrong Fitness Tracker- Initial Review of its Feature Offering

We are here again for another round of new wearable, for fitness and health. Getting popular online, the HeartStrong fitness tracker has a trendy and sporty look. The company behind it promotes the fitness tracker as a complete health and wellness system. Let’s check if the wearable, is unique in its category and if its offering is much better compared to other fitness trackers in the same price range.

Design and Built of HeartStrong Fitness Tracker

Available in green and black color offering, the fitness tracker has a sporty design with slightly sleek curved body. The body material is polycarbonate with a metal strip accent on the side to give the smartband a trendy look.

It is lightweight and slim looking, with flexible silicon watch strap with metal enclosure. The good thing about the band is that the wearable doesn’t need a charging cable to charge the fitness tracker. The Heartstrong fitness tracker has a direct USB charging design. Just unplug the strap and it will expose the charging pin of the design.

For its waterproof rating, the smartwatch has an IP67 full splash proof body. The product page of the Heartstrong, did not elaborate the full specs of the fitness tracker. But if the fitness tracks is rebranded smart band that we believe, and seems like it is. The fitness tracker has a 0.96” inch IPS LCD color screen, it doesn’t support touch screen but touch button key operation located on the bottom part of the screen.


Features of HeartStrong Fitness Tracker

Despite its small/slim size, the fitness tracker is loaded with health and fitness sensors. It has a heart rate sensor, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. According to its description, the device provides analysis and recording of data with historical data for future reference. More information are available in the support app for easy access. With regards to blood pressure, the support app provides its history, a day to day and hour to hour comparison.

If you are into sports and fitness, the smartband is also equipped with multi-sports mode. It is also equipped with automatic activity tracking, it track for the steps, calories and distance.


Just like other fitness trackers, the HearthStrong fitness tracker has a function for receiving calls and messages. Get real time update on social app messages. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. It notifies you via vibration and pop-up notification on the screen.

Here are some of its additional functions

Remote camera control, find your phone, alarm, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring and more. The fitness tracker, uses the Fundo app available in iOS and Android to provide you with more details on your health and fitness stats.

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