Helix Smart Watch – Sleek Smartwatch with SpO2 Sensor

Helix Smart Watch – Sleek Smartwatch with SpO2 Sensor

A sporty and sleek look is what wearable fans are looking for in a smartwatch. Aside from the features that it offers, wearable fans want a lightweight sporty wearable.

The new wearable from Helix fits the category. It’s the Helix smart watch or just simple called Helix watch. There are other products from Helix like the regular wrist values and there is also a budget fitness tracker with a stylish design.

Going back to Helix smart watch, the wearable has a rectangular body design with rounded edges. It has a single physical pusher button on the side that works as a name/power button. On its product page, color options available are blue, silver, and classic black.

It is a lightweight smart watch with its plastic case and medium-size body measuring 43 mm. The lightweight body is accompanied by a durable TPU strap with similar color to the body. It has a classic stainless steel enclosure making it tightly lock when you are wearing it. You might think that it feels cheap due to its choice of material. But we think it is durable enough to withstand any daily activities or workout.


The company did not provide details on the screen display but based on the product page, it is a full-color display with touch screen support. The display has black bezel with a Helix name branding on the bottom.

With the screen protection display, it is a bit disappointing that it is a plastic lens and not a tempered glass which has batter clarity compared to a plastic lens.

Helix Smart Watch Specifications at a Glance

Display: Full-Color Screen, Full Touch

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitoring

Body: Plastic

Waterproof Rating: IP54

Battery: 5 Days battery life

Features of the Helix Smart Watch

Health Features

The smartwatch is equipped with heart rate monitoring. There is also a blood pressure monitor as well as blood oxygen monitoring which is beneficial in your sports and fitness. Additional health functions included are sleep monitoring, checking and monitoring your sleep stats with details on the support app.


Sports and Fitness

For its sports and fitness, the Helix smart watch has automatic activity tracking. It tracks for the steps as well as calories. If you are into sports, the Helix smart watch has at least several sports mode. The smart watch is loaded with walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football and swimming.

Variety of Watch Faces

The smartwatch is preloaded with several premium looking watch faces. Aside from that, there are at least 100 watch faces available for download in the support app.

Real Time Notifications

Receive call and message notifications. It also support social app messages with the option to read messages in your smartwatch. Other functions included in the device are music control, stop watch as well as brightness control

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