[In the Spotlight] Smart Bit Watch, Rolex Smartwatch, One Plus Watch

[In the Spotlight] Smart Bit Watch, Rolex Smartwatch, One Plus Watch

Its 2021, as expected wearable fans are looking for the best smartwatch for 2021. For sure, there are a lot of new wearable in the market for the first quarter of this year. The last quarter of 2020, popular wearables are kids smartwatches and fitness tracker.

This first quarter 2021, what will be the in-demand wearable? We see that hybrid smartwatches will still be in, smartwatches with blood pressure monitor will be common. Smart rings will also be going to be much more popular for 2021. With health as a top priority thsi year, body temperature monitoring similar to Fitbit will also be going to be a popular choice.

This week, Smart Bit watch is one of the top inquiries for users, users are looking for simple, and affordable smartwatch that can provide notifications, few health tracking, and notifications. We still haven’t check out the in-depth details about the wearable. But expect that we will provide more information on the smartwatch once we have the complete data about it.

Yes, an affordable smartwatch is popular, but others are also looking for an expensive smartwatch with smart features. I guess, one of the most expensive watch that we might say, shouts luxury is the Rolex watch. I guess there are fans of this luxurious smartwatch, looking for Rolex smartwatch.


If you are going to ask me, I don’t think that we will see a Rolex smartwatch in the near future. Smartwatches don’t last that long, and as well all know, Rolex is known for luxury, quality timepiece, and a watch that last a lifetime. And Rolex knows that smartwatches may ruin their reputable brand.

I guess the only way to make your Rolex smartwatch work if you have one is to replace its strap with third party straps. One of the few third party straps that smart technology to classic wristwatches is the Sony Wena Straps. It was released last year, and the strap will add a smart function to your watch. It is equipped with an activity tracker, an HR monitor( WENA Pro version), and other smart functions.

This month, it is expected that OnePlus Watch will be available in the market, it is a circular smartwatch with a full-color screen. It might run Wear OS, as the company says that they are working with Google on the wearable. With this, it could possibly powered by the latest SnapDragon Wear processor. Will see in the coming weeks, if the wearable will surely going to be out this first quarter.

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