[PDF] Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch User Manual Download

[PDF] Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch User Manual Download

Fossil has a lot of smartwatches in its line-up. One of the popular category for smartwatches is the hybrid section. This type of smartwatch is very popular for those who would love to have a smartwatch but want a classic look and of course the main factor, a longer battery life.

The Fossil hybrid smartwatch is a popular category as they provide a lot of advantages compared to the traditional full screen color smartwatch. They have an unobtrusive way providing notifications, as the smartwatch provides notification via noticeable vibration. You can still tell time clearly in any environment, still, it has that analog time similar to a classic watch but on the inside, it has a smart hardware and software.

But one of the main feature I guess of the smartwatch that makes it a preferable option. Is a longer battery life. Most full-screen smartwatch by Fossil has at least 1-2 days of battery life, with the hybrid smartwatch, the average battery life is about 5 months.

If you want to know more about your Fossil Hybrid smartwatch, especially on its hardware and basic set-up, you might want to download the QUICK START GUIDE.

The quick start guide is a simple guide for setting up your smartwatch with the Fossil Q app. Topics included are Notifications, Customizable buttons, Charging Battery, Charging Straps, Activity Goals, Staying Connected. There is only one user manual for all the hybrid smartwatch by Fossil, it is easy to follow and understand user manual. Download the user manual below, by clicking on the links.

Got to Fossil Website and Download the User Manual Here Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

How long does the battery last of Fossil hybrid smartwatch?

They last up to 5 months in an average use

What is the battery type of my Fossil Hybrid smartwatch

Depending on the hybrid smartwatch, usually the smartwatch uses a coin(button battery) cell lithium battery. You can check the battery type in your hybrid smartwatch user manual that comes with the device or go to “My Devices” go to “Battery” and check battery type.

How do I set the time in my Fossil Hybrid smartwatch?

When you synchronize your smartwatch with the support app, the hybrid smartwatch automatically adjust its time based on your phone.

I don’t Receive notifications on my hybrid smartwatch? What is the problem?

Check if your smartwatch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, or the support app is running in the background. If everything is ok and your smartwatch is working properly. You might want to pair it again to your phone, unpair and pair it again to make it work.

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