Most Affordable Smartwatches, Smartband for 2021

Most Affordable Smartwatches and Smartband for 2021

There are a lot of options for wearables in the market, from high-quality classy smartwatches to affordable wearables. This 2021, there are a lot of contender for the best smartwatches in the market. Especially in the premium category, there are tons of options from Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch, Fitbit to Garmin.

For new users, the world of smartwatches is unknown, most are reluctant to spend too much on something that they are not familiar. Most are looking for an affordable smartwatch or smartband that they can test it out and try whether they would like it or not. If you are also interested to venture into the world of wearable but don’t want to spend too much, you might want to try these cheap/affordable smartwatches. These wearables are insanely affordable, it cost less than $15 USD, some even priced lower than $5 USD. Although the smartwatches below has been released last year, still it is a hot sell and popular from smartwatch fans, and we think the trend will continue this 2021.

If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch just to test and try it out, below are the newest smartwatches and smartband in the market with a crazy cheap price.

Y68 Smartwatch

It is a simple, light wearable, the Y68 smartwatch. The wearable has a rectangular PC body, sporty silicon strap. It has a full-color screen dispaly with touch button key operation. When it comes to features, the smartwatch has pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie counter as well as push notifications. The smartwatch is sold in a different brand but still it has the same model.


Here are the basic specifications of the smartwatch. It has 1.3″ inch LCD screen display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. The battery is 100 mAh with at least 5 days of battery life and 10 days in standby time.

Price at: $4.50 USD

SC 116 Plus Smartwatch

Honestly, I am not a fan of the design for the 116 Plus smartwatch. Among the lists here, it is the most simplest design wearable, it feels plasticky. But for some, the look is ok, with that glossy finish, rounded edges and with sporty silicon strap available in different color options.

SC 116 Plus smartwatch

The smartwatch is loaded with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor, it also has multi-sport mode. Of course it got the basics such as information push, incoming calls, social app support. For its hardware, the smartwatch has 1.3″ inch LCD, with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, just like the Y68, the smartwatch has 100 mAh battery with 5-7 days of normal usage.

Price at: $5 USD

T500 smartwatch

It is one of the most popular Apple watch clone in the market. The T500 smartwatch, the wearable has that sporty look, similar to the popular smartwatch from Apple. The design I guess is trying to copy the looks of the Apple Watch 5. It has that obvious crown button, a pill shape on the bottom of it. And that rounded edges and sporty silicon strap. Looking from afar, your might mistake the smartwatch as the real deal, that is why I guess it is very popular with wearable fans.

t500 Smart Watch

It also has a good display screen having a a full color screen display with touch screen operation. Features included in the device are Bluetooth calls, automatic activity monitoring, health monitoring, multi-sport mode and other special functions. The smartwatch has a 1.54″ inch IPS LCD with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It has heart rate sensor, blood pressure sensor, blood oxygen sensor. For the battery, it has 200 mAh battery with several days of battery life.

Price at: $12 USD

M5 smartband

If you are into fitness tracker, the M5 smartband might be a good pick. Again the smartband is to copy the look of the Mi Band 5 by Xiaomi. The smartband has a very interesting design, similar to the Mi Band 5, it has a capsule like body, sporty removable strap.


The wearable is light and a perfect partner for sport if you are looking for a light fitness tracker. The M5 smartband has automatic activity tracking, call and message notifications, sport functions, as well as health monitoring.The M5 smarband has a 0.96″ inch touch button key display screen. A Bluetooth 4.2 and with 100 mAh battery with 5-7 days of normal usage.

Price at: $ 6 USD

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