Slide Smartwatch -Simple, Sporty, Lightweight Wearable

Slide Smartwatch -Simple, sporty, lightweight wearable

SlideUSA got some pretty interesting wearables in its product line-up. The company does have a lot of tech product offerings, they have tablets, smartphones, even notebooks, and high-end phones. But what we are more interested in the section for wearables, the Slide smartwatch.

The SLIDE USA company has a section for wearables, which we are very interested in checking out. Browsing their product page, we spotted at least 3 Slide smartwatches, all are rectangular in design with a sporty strap.

These smartwatches have common attributes, they are minimalist in looks. These three smartwatches, model 100, model 200, and model 300 got a sporty lightweight look. Let’ check out each smartwatch and see if it is the wearable that fits your needs and personality.

Slide Smart watch Model 100 Model# SW100

Available in white, black, red. The mode SW100 is the simplest wearable from its collection. It has a simple design, PC body with sporty strap. The smartwatch has a 1.44″ inch high definition LCD screen with 128 x 128 pixel resolution.

It is a very simple smartwatch, providing basic features such as alarm, timer, message notifications, calculator, calendar, stopwatch, and more.

Slide Smartwatch Model 100

The model is not for those who are looking for a sharp, health and fitness featured pack smartwatch. It is pretty basic, simple design, basic hardware. There are no extra features for the device such as downloadable apps, watch faces, or OTA updates, just plain basic notifications and activity tracking.

Slide Smartwatch SW200

Slide Smart watch Model 200 Model#SW200

This mid-range smartwatch from SLIDE got some pretty interesting features, that you might need.

Still, it got a PC body with a metallic brush steel bezel. The smartwatch has a camera on the top and a single physical button on the bottom screen.

Unlike the 100 version, the SW200 has do have extra features. It support SIM card slot, supporting 2G network (Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz).The smartwatch has a support expandable memory, and the smartwatch has 32 MB of RAM, 32 MB of ROM.

It has a 1.54″ inch screen size with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It support touch screen operation and with intuitive menus and tile style UI. The smartwatch features Anti-lost, Shutter Button, Pedometer, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Stop Watch.

Slide Smartwatch SW 300Slide Smartwatch MODEL 300 MODEL# SW300

This model is the premium option among the three. The SW300 model Looking like similar to Apple watch, the smartwatch has a premium looking design zinc alloy body. It has a crown button on the side, and a pill shape button just below. It has a sporty strap with slide clip design similar to the Apple watch.

The wearable just like the SW200 support 2G connectivity, it also has a front camera, just located on the botton part of the screen. The smartwatch has a 32 MB RAM and 32 MB of ROM. It also supports expandable memory for additional storage. The wearable has a 1.54″ inch high definition screen display, with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. The smartwatch has a 320 mAh battery with several days of battery life. The smartwatch features Anti lost, Shutter Button, Pedometer, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Stop Watch.



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