Secret Codes for Smartwatches T500 Smartwatch, X22, W26 smartwatches

Secret Codes for Smartwatches T500 Smartwatch, X22, W26 smartwatches

Secret codes as they call it, are a popular with DZ09 smartwatches, we already showed you the lists of DZ09 secret codes here, and here comes again a new list of secret codes. This time it is for the latest Chinese smartwatches, especially for series 6, and 7 in short Apple Watch clones. There are also hidden codes/secret codes in these Chinese smartwatches, let’s find it out.

These secret codes are used by developers/hardware engineers to run a hardware or software test on the device. Codes, a combination of number and other special characters are used to activate a function or access a certain feature/settings on the device that is not available in the menus of the smartwatch. These menus, settings, are not available in the normal set-up of the device. We have a list below of secrete codes, available in T500 smartwatch, other series 6 wearable such as X22, and W26 smartwatch.


Below are the lists of secret codes for series 7 and 6 models. Please take note that not all supports or has different secret codes, test codes for smartwatches. To access these secret codes, go to the dialer section of your smartwatch, and type the following codes.

Secret Codes for Smartwatches T500 Smartwatch

*#3646633# – Engineering mode (details on device, audio, misc)

*#1234# – A2DP Normal mode

*#63342835*# – will show the manufacturer of processor

*#66*# – factory mode ( version summary, g-sensor, echo loop keypad)

*#8375# – shortcut to version of summary

*#87# – Quick Test

For X22 Smartwatch

*#06# – IMEI of the device

*#63342835# – show the manufacturer of the processor

W26 Model

*#993646633# -Engineering Mode
*#9966*# – Factory Mode

*#63342835*# – will show the manufacturer of processor

Other functions that might work with W26 or X22

*#200615# – Apple Logo Boot mode or #*153*86* – then turn off the smartwatch to activate

If you know other secret codes for T500 smartwatch or other series 7 and 6 smartwatches, please drop a comment below so we can add it in our list of secret codes.

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