Oraimo Smartwatch – OSW16 Model – Fashionable Trendy Wearable

Oraimo Smartwatch – OSW16 Model – Fashionable Trendy Wearable

Here is one of the popular models of the Oraimo Smartwatch. This smartwatch is one of the latest wearables in its collection, and I guess we can say it’s the most fashionable. Here are the details of its features, and basic specs. See the details on the Oraimo smartwatch model OSW-16.

Design and Build Quality

The smartwatch has a rectangular body design, weighing 44 grams, and has a 9.95 mm slim body. It is a lightweight wearable with solid body built, fashionable look, slim sporty look similar to the Oppo Watch. The smartwatch is available in different color options, accompanied by an ultra-soft TPU strap. Soft, flexible skin friendly strap available in different color options. Overall body is IP68 waterproof rating, it is resistant from splashes of water, rain as well as dust resistant.


I guess one of the main features of the Oraimo Smartwatch is its screen display. It has a 1.69” inch IPS LCD screen with a unique look. The wearable doesn’t have a flat display but a dual-curve glass body, 60 degree edge to edge angle. It provides an 80% leading screen to body ratio. Trendy fashionable look and features, an anti-oil and fingerprint feature. Its nano-coating on the screen is resistant to fingerprint and stains.

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Features of Oraimo Smartwatch Model OSW-16

Aside from having a fashionable sporty design, the smartwatch is also loaded with sports functions.

Sport Function of Oraimo Smartwatch

The wearable is equipped with at least 13 training modes. Each sporty function provides real-time stats, it tracks the steps, distance, active minutes as well as calories.

Sports included are, badminton, basketball, football, baseball, cycling, indoor running, outdoor running, walking, skipping rope, swimming, hiking, table tennis and other ball games.

Health Functions included

OSW-16 is equipped with built-in heart rate sensor, and with its intelligent AI algorithm, it provides fast, and accurate results, even with different skin colors. It also vibrates when your heart rate is abnormal.

Sleep monitoring, the smartwatch records your sleep, the light sleep, deep sleep as well as awake time. Helping you to have quality sleep.

Another health function that is available and very useful for women is female heart rate tracking. It can keep track of your cycle, ovulation, and other function related to women’s health.

Smart Notifications, aside from the above functions, the smartwatch is also loaded with real-time notifications. You can receive call and message notifications with the option to read messages directly in the wearable.

Other functions available in the wearable are stopwatch, timer, weather, customizable watch faces, raise to wake up screen and more.

Oraimo Smartwatch Specifications

Display Size: 1.69″ IPS 240 x 280

Body Size: 43 x 35 x 9.95mm

Material:  Zinc Alloy/PC/TPU

BT Version: Bluetooth V5.0

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Battery : Polymer lithium battery 200mAh Standby Time Up to 15 days

Support App: Joywear 2 App

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