Dirrelo Smartwatch  Model ID206 – Review of Features

Dirrelo Smartwatch  Model ID206 – Review of Features

Dirrelo, another smartwatch company that brings new sporty and trendy wearables to the market. It is a new company with their first product introduced just two years ago. The company is fast becoming popular, especially in the U.S with its affordable, and fashionable wearable. Its collection of smartwatches is increasing and one of the newest is the Dirello smartwatch model ID206. We check on its information especially for its specs and features, and here are the details.

Dirello Smartwatch ID206

Design and Build Quality

The new Dirrelo smartwatch with the model name ID206, has a sporty rectangular look. A zinc alloy body with a crown button on its side. It is a medium-size wearable with a slim design, and with good waterproof rating.

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It is waterproof up to 50 meters, solid body design, sporty fashionable look, and the color option for the smartwatch are black, pink, and blue striking colors. The Dirrelo ID206 smartwatch is accompanied by a sporty strap with similar color to the body of the smartwatch, sporty, flexible strap with steel buckle.

Its screen display is full color, 1.69” inch color touch screen with sharp, crisp display. The screen is a TFT-LCD with full-touch support. Accompanying the high definition display is a crisp, high-quality watch faces, preloaded to the smartwatch. Its 280x 240 pixel resolution, crisp, high definition screen, with good brightness and with the option for brightness adjustments.

Dirello Smartwatch Display

Features of Dirrelo Smartwatch

The wearable is loaded with heart rate monitoring, sports, and smart reminder. Here are the details on the wearable, it features, and different functions.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

The smartwatch supports Alexa voice assistants, with its mic, and speaker. You can control the different smart appliances in your wrist with Amazon Alexa support.  You can use the built-in voice assistant to set time, check weather, alarm, and other home devices.

14 Exercise Mode Loaded

Get fit with its multi-sport mode, at least 14 sports are included in the smartwatch. There is indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor running, indoor walking, hiking, cycling, elliptical machine, swimming outdoor, pool swimming, yoga, and cricket.

Aside from that, each sports function can monitor the distance, pace, calories, with support for connected GPS available in the support app.

Aside from sports, it also has automatic activity tracking. It provides real-time statistics, tracking your steps, pace, distance, and burned calories with your daily activities.

Health Monitoring Functions

For its health monitoring, the smartwatch is loaded with a high-performance health sensor. It has a heart rate monitoring, providing real-time heart rate, it also has a blood oxygen monitoring function. Another health function is sleep monitoring, it monitors light sleep, deep sleep as well as AWAKE and REM sleep.

Smart Notifications

The wearable is also loaded with real-time reminder. It has call and message reminder, with the option to read messages in the smartwatch. The wearable also includes sedentary reminder, alarm, timer, drink water reminder, weather forecast.

Basic Specifications of Dirrel Smartwatch Model – ID206

Display: 1.69” inch TFT-LCD

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM

Battery: 300 mAh battery, with 35 days of standby time, 10 days of normal usage

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