Samsung Smartwatch SM-R600 Received Bluetooth Certification

It is just a matter of time and we will see the latest wearable of Samsung, reported to be the fitness smartwatch that has been rumored last week (read the article), a wearable that is a fusion of fitness band and a smartwatch.

It is not yet known if what will be the name of the wearable once it hit the market, rumor suggest that is the Samsung Gear Pop, or the possible Gear S4. But one thing is for sure, a wearable SM-R600 has received a Bluetooth certification from SIG. The certification was dated August 04, 2017 and was submitted by Samsung Corporation.

It is not yet known if when will be the release date of the said wearable. But there is a possibility that if it’s the long rumored Gear Pop, it might be introduce alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If it’s the Samsung Gear S4, it will have its own exclusive even and press invite. Anyways, whether its Gear S4 or Gear Pop, hopefully it will add excitement and interest into the world of smartwatches.

Regarding the hardware and Features here are the possible details on its specs

  • Running the latest Exynos Processor for Wearbles

The next wearable of Samsung might run the latest Exynos Processor intended for wearables, a power efficient processor with twice the speed of the current processor in Samsung Gear S3.

  • Bixby Voice integrated Assistant

We all know that Bixby is slowly being integrated by Samsung to its smart devices, this includes the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, it is the personal voice assistant by Samsung to its wearable, and now it is very possible that Samsung will also integrate it to its next wearable.

  • Wirelessly Charged by a Smartphone

The latest patent revealed that Samsung is planning to have a special case for its smartphone that allows a smartwatch to be charged wirelessly, expert suggest that the next wearable will have this feature integrated.

  • Hybrid combination of fitness tracker and smartwatch

With all the rumors this is the feature that has been certified, this is based on the latest email of Samsung to its members of Samsung SmartLab Plus Program, asking to provide an insight to the new wearable that is a mixed of Gear Fit 2 and Samsung Gear S3.


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