[Review] No.1 F3 Smartwatch – Amazing 1 Year Battery Life

As expected from DT No.1, the company again brought a new and exciting wearable in the market. If you are looking for a smartwatch with a long battery life, I guess the No.1 F3 smartwatch is the answer, it has a 1 year battery life, sporty/casual look that is light weight and comfortable to wear. I have the privilege of having the No.1 F3 and check its features and specs for a week and here is my take on this new smartwatch by No.1.

Design and Display

The No.1 F3 sport a stainless steel body with a soft sporty interchangeable band. Looking at the smartwatch, you might mistaken it as a regular digital wristwatch, due to its display. It has a power saving screen, a 1.1” inch segment code display that has a better viewing display even outdoors.

The smartwatch don’t have touch screen feature but instead it relies on 4 physical button to operate the smartwatch, , I found it very responsive.  The four buttons has different functions, light, start, mode and reset, setting the watch requires pressing two different buttons simultaneously, so don’t lose your user manual as you will need it to change the set-up of your smartwatch.

Receiving notifications and alerts is also different on F3, instead of a text display, the No.1 F3 alerts you by a blinking icon accompanied by beeping sound. It might not provide much details but it provide more battery life, it’s a definite power saver. For waterproof feature, the device is rated as IP68, able to withstand up to 30 meters of water.

Hardware and Features 

Powered by DAI4580 chip, a low power chip that makes the F3 power efficient device. Talking about battery life, the No.1 F3 is powered by a conventional battery button that you can see also in a typical wristwatch, with it, the F3 last up to 1 year before battery replacement, no need to worry about charging your battery every other day.

Regarding the health and fitness feature, the smartwatch may not have a fancy color touch screen but under the hood it still has the same features such as pedometer, not that precisely accurate but close to manual count, working side by side with the pedometer is the calorie counter and distance counter. Additional features include is the sleep monitor which I wasn’t able to make it work, I will update this page again once  I figured it out.

About the buttons, mode and light buttons has the main function, the “Mode button” let you cycle to the different functions like calendar, steps taken, calorie burned, distance, alarm, timer, elevation, and UV rays. Switching to different mode is easy and it automatically switch back to time interface after a couple of seconds. Well for the light, it serves a backlight that you can activate to check for the time very useful feature at night.

Support App

The smartwatch uses the Fundo bracelet support app which is readily available for download for iOS and Android OS. I am not a fan of the Fundo line of support app whether it is for smartwatch or bracelet support app. They don’t offer much in terms of detailed stats on health and fitness. Some users reported some errors and based on my experienced they are a bit buggy and with synchronization issues. But so far with the No.1 F3 everything works ok, including the notifications, setting up and binding with the F3 is easy. There is an option to set if you want to receive call notifications, sms notifications, sedentary reminder and other stuff.

OverAll –  the smartwatch is like the No.1 F2 smartwatch but with a much slimmer profile, the no.1 F2 is intended more for outdoor, a rugged smartwatch for extreme outdoor. The No.1 F3 is the answer for those who want the feature of No.1 F2 but want a much slimmer design, sporty but simple. It is lightweight and will suit those who would love a less bulky smartwatch with 1 year battery life.

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