[Review] Amazfit Verge – Multi Sport Smartwatch+(Coupon Code GLOBAL VERSION)

Amazfit Verge – Sporty Multi Sport Mode Smartwatch

Let’s face it, there are many smartwatches in the market however a combination of style and innovative technology is not so, here’s Amazfit Verge which sports those features and is a new addition to Amazfit’s award-winning of line up of smart wearables.

This smart wearable affordable beauty was created for the fashion + fitness enthusiast. The Amazfit comes with 11 sport modes, GPS and GLONASS track routes accurately and available in 3 designer colors, all these possible to its five day battery life.

It’s just a glimpse of what Amazfit Verge can offer, let’s UNBOX everything and take a look to what it can really offer.


The price: $126.99, Coupon Code: VergeINT


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Get it from GearVita.com: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-amazfit-verge-smartwatch.html


We’ve unboxed several smartwatches before from budget friendly to expensive one but the packaging of the Amazfit Verge ooze with elegance, though it is just a simple white square box.

The details are written in a neat way, just the logo on top and at one side of the box written all the details of the smartwatch in Chinese. Upon removing the top you’ll find the Amazfit Verge watch first embedded to a middle dent. You’ll find an arrow marked on a transparent tape like pull-up, if you pull this thing up it will show you three compartments for a manual guide, the strap of the watch and lastly for the charger. It was put all together in a chic way.


The Amazfit Verge Smartwatch comes in a fashionable modern design that is available in 3 designer colors: Twilight Blue, Shadow and Moonlight White. We have the shadow grey color in our possession thanks to @gearvita.com. The wristband is amazing, since it’s hypo-allergenic, it was designed to be comfortable enough to wear so it’s a breather to wear it all day. We tried wearing it till to sleep and no marks or whatsoever on the skin. It was really comfortable to wear it. It was so fashionable that it’s a perfect accessory to my style in different occasion.

It does not just look good with the entire design but the Amazfit Verge but also has a sharp display with its 1.3” AMOLED screen. What we like about AMOLED screen is that it shows details very clearly even in a bright environment. What it does is it adapts to various lightning setting giving incredible depth of color and gives you the best visual experience anywhere you go.


The Amazfit Verge is equipped with 11 different sports and fitness activities like: running, run indoor, trail run, walk, elliptical training, climb, tennis, skiing, soccer, outdoor cycling and indoor cycling. This kind of technology allows you to keep record of the sports and fitness that you want to achieve.

It has an Optical heart rate sensor that can accurately monitor and record your heart rate all throughout the day, other sensors includes geomagnetic sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, these will give you an insight on about your health.  The results could be a baseline to maintain or improve your health.

The Amazfit Verge also has access to GPS + GLONASS which you can use accurately to track routes and distances traveled. This feature is really helpful especially if you like to do more of outdoor sports or fitness activities.


Don’t miss out anything when doing some of the 11 different sport and fitness activities, through Bluetooth connectivity to your android phone you have the ability to answer incoming calls right on your wrist. The Amazfit Verge has this feature, aside from answering calls; it is also possible to check your emails, text messages and other notifications from your downloaded mobile apps. The high screen resolution makes it hassle free for you to read any notifications.

If you are not checking any emails, messages or notifications and not even expecting to answer calls anytime soon, you might want to enjoy listening to phone-free music right on your wrist. Just connect it via Bluetooth on your phone.


The Amazfit Verge really is a host of advanced features and sensors. It’s not new that Amazfit brand has always been dubbed unique for its long battery life and the Verge is no exception. All the amazing features can be sustained by the battery capacity of this smartwatch.  A single charge can last with a 5 days average run time.


So the experience with wearing Amazfit Verge was a breather. It was so comfortable to wear; I just don’t feel like taking it off.  The Amazfit Verge created to be innovative and stylish.

It is comfortable enough to wear and is truly amazing with taking in the price for the smartwatch such a good buy for its features. I didn’t feel worried of missing out any notifications or calls because I can be connected anytime and get real-time notifications anywhere. It was such a wonderful experience to have Amazfit Verge right on my wrist.

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