[Review] Alfawise H19 RFID Sports Smartwatch

Alfawise H19 RFID Sports Smartwatch

We’ve made so many reviews on the brand Alfawise but are mostly smart-home products which the brands market reputation. However, recently Alfawise widen their market to another product that is fast growing in the tech world, venturing in wearables. The Alfawise launched their product the Alfawise H19 RFID Sports Smartwatch.  The H19 works compatibly with any Android smartphones 4.4 up and also compatible with iPhones.

This smartwatch has health and sport mode which is user friendly, it’s easy to wear and take note of this “affordable”.  It can be used to collect fitness data and information. This is packed with different features an affordable smartwatch could have. Let’s take a look with how it worked, thanks to @gearbest.com for sending us our very own H19 in color Black.

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It came with an orange black packaging. That is a pull up box. When you pull it out you’ll see inside:

  • H19 smartwatch
  • USB changing clip
  • Chinese /English manual

The box is just simple and all the details about Alfawise H19 Smartwatch are written on the box.


This lightweight waterproof smartwatch is designed attractively. It’s a rectangular screen and the length of the sleek band can be adjusted for your convenience. In addition the strap is durable and comes in different colors: Light Pink, Turquoise, Rose Gold, Silver, Mirror Black, Light Gray, Violet and Black.

It is sleek and the color variant for the strap is perfect for your fashion style. I am fond of the vibrant colors of the UI (user interface). All information or data are clear enough to read because of the 1.3”TFT color display.  It is also for full display of notifications or for multiple text messages. The icons are crisp and the background can be customized according to your taste, makes it more attractive. When I used it in during daylight it adjusted very well to so much light that I can still see clearly all the icons. The 240×240 screen resolution was also flawless; it was just bright enough for the comfort of our eyes.


This smartwatch has a unique feature; it can serve as a key to your own smart lock. The NFC analog IC door card, after the smart door lock writes data to the H19 smartwatch which can serve as a key to access your smart lock. It can unlock and open your smart lock door right away as you please. No need to worry if you left your actual keys.

Like other smartwatches this H19 has also features that are good for monitoring your health, however theirs is way better. It has real-time health monitoring like your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen before and after your sports/fitness activities. This can be a guide to adjust the level of the workout that you are doing or adjust the intensity of your activity that could be good for you. It can also monitor sleep quality, you can now know if you need to improve sleep for a better health condition and you can use it as an alarm and waking up in the morning will be easy.

What I like about this H19 is that you can use it as a controller for your phone, you can use it as a remote shutter by taking photos at a distance, and this is good when you are alone. No need to use the timer just use the H19 and you’ll have that picture perfect. You can also switch your songs anytime without even touching your phone.

For the sports enthusiast this is a good buy for you because it has multiple sports modes like; Basketball, football, badminton, swimming, Skipping, cycling, walking and running. Yes, swimming is possible because of its IP67 rating, it only means that it has full protection from dust, anti-corrosion and is water proof. It is really safe to wear even when doing water sports.  It can also take your record on any sports activity accurately due to its more scientific algorithm which calculates based on a cardinal number that each sport is related to a different coefficient.


For daily sports tracking this smartwatch can also be used as a built-in pedometer, so counts your steps  so you can also know the calories burned through calorie data. It can serve as GPS just synchronized it through mobile phone and you will never lose your way. Break your own goals everyday with your multiple sports record.

Don’t miss a beat by using this H19 as a reminder, not just as an alarm but it can actually remind you to walk around if you’ve sat down for so long and remind you to drink the required water. It will even show what the weather is. It will also vibrate and get your attention if someone is calling, sent you messages or notifications from apps on your mobile phone, so stay informed anytime, anywhere.


So the question now is with all the features that Alfawise H19 RFID Sports Smartwatch has, will the battery survive?  It actually is, the battery capacity is 100% higher than other fitness tracker with its 180 mAh lithium-ion battery working time can last up to 10 days and if you are not using it, in my experience lasted 30 days. The charging experience lasts up 2 hours.


It was a great experience when using Alfawise H19 RFID Sports Smartwatch, especially it sensitive wrist-up display reminds me greatly of the time and receives all the notifications from my apps. I also wore it at night so the date will be more accurate especially when it comes to monitoring the quality of sleep. It gave me a wake-up call to not take for granted sleep. I really need to improve my sleeping habit. It’s time to challenge yourself and experience the amazing features this smartwatch has. It’s a great product which you can visit and might purchase @gearbest.com.

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