Redmi Smartwatch or Smartband Might be Out Soon

Redmi Smartwatch or Smartband Might be Out Soon

It is not yet confirmed whether it is a smartwatch or a smartband, but we are pretty sure that Xiaomi will soon launch a wearable. The company Redmi, a sub brand of Xiaomi will be launching its own wearable, and as expected with the Redmi brand, this wearable will surely going to be light in the pocket.

The wearable was spotted at the Bureau for Indian Standards website, with the January 22, 2020 approval grant. The product is registered as a smartwatch and with the model number HMSH01GE, no details on the design or hardware.

Redmi Smartwatch

Although Xiaomi already introduced its first smartwatch last year with the Xiaomi Mi Watch. We don’t expect that the Redmi smartwatch or Redmi smartband will compete with the premium Mi Watch. We are familiar with the Redmi series of smartphones, one of its key features that makes it popular is its affordable price. With the upcoming Redmi smartwatch, it will also likely to be a cheap but good quality wearable.

We are not sure yet whether the smartwatch will be exclusive to Indian market only, just like the Mi smartband 3i, a water-down Mi Band 3. The band has a similar in appearance with the Mi Band 3 and its other sport features but without a heart rate monitor.

With regards to this, will the Redmi smartwatch going to be like the 3i? A Mi Watch version also with downgraded specs? The Mi Watch has a 1.78” inch AMOLED screen with HR monitoring, WIFI, NFC, Bluetooth. It runs the fast Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a 570mAh battery.

If Redmi will downgrade the specs on its inner hardware, but with similar design and display such as AMOLED screen to that of the Mi Watch. It could drop the price significantly making it popular for the Mi fans in India and if it’s successful, we see a Global version of it hopefully.


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