Z73 Smartwatch – Elegant Classic Womens Smartwatch

Z73 Smartwatch – Elegant Classic Womens Smartwatch

If you are much interested in a classic design, elegant traditional smartwatch but with a smart tech inside. The Z73 smartwatch might be a good option to pick.  Simply classic elegant this is how we describe the Z73 smartwatch, if you are interested, below are the details.

Design and Build Quality

Most of the latest smartwatch for women right now goes for a slim light minimalist approach. But with the Z73 smartwatch, the wearable stays with the classic design. The body has a classic style, thick, bulky style with a crown button on the side.

It is pretty similar to your traditional office look wristwatch. With a steel strap, and with metal enclosure. Looking at it, you might think that it’s a regular womens smartwatch, but with its display tech, anyone who sees it will know it is more than that.

The body is available in one color options (rose gold) while the strap goes with the same color style with the bezel. It is available in girl fan, elegant black, youth blue, and ceramic white.

The Z73 smartwatch measures 36 mm in diameter, and 11.5 mm in thickness. Although its thick, the body is just medium size, perfectly designed for women.


Full Circular Display, Feminine Style Watch Faces

When it comes to screen display, the Z73 has a 1.09” inch IPS LCD screen. It is a full circular screen with touch screen support. Regarding its resolution, the smartwatch has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution, sharp, bright screen. To give the wearable a more feminine style, it is preloaded with women style watch faces, that adds beauty to the wearable.

Features of Z73 Smartwatch

 Bluetooth Call and Voice Recording

With its built-in mic and speaker, and the latest Bluetooth connectivity. The smartwatch supports Bluetooth call, you can initiate call directly in the smartwatch. It supports dial pad, call ID display, call record. Or if someone is calling you, the call feature has reject call support.

Another useful function that women might love is live recording, voice control, as well as music playback.

Health Functions

For women, I guess this is one of the most important feature, Physiological function for women. This feature is able to monitor and predict, the menstrual period, ovulation period, safety period and ovulation date. It’s a very useful function intended for women.

For vital stats function, we still got the basics such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Especially during your exercise, it keeps track of the intensity, and provides feedback with the current heart rate value. There is also a blood oxygen monitoring, checking your SpO2 on demand. The specs page says that it is loaded with blood pressure monitoring but it is not stated in the promotional images.

Sleep is very vital for overall health, it is a good thing that the Z73 has a sleep monitoring function. It scientifically monitors, and records the sleep quality as well as the time.

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Multi-Sport Function for Fitness Buff for Women

Despite that classic design, and added weight compared to a sport smartwatch. Still, the wearable is equipped with several sports function. It records and analyzes exercises data. Sport included are badminton, cycling, walking, mountain climbing, running as well as jump rope. If you want to keep track of your route. The smartwatch supports connected GPS available in the app.

Smart Information Reminder

Aside from Bluetooth calls, the smartwatch also supports messages notifications. Receive SMS messages, social app messages. Popular apps supported are WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedln, Viber, Kakaotalk, Instagram, Skype and more.

Initial Review of Z73 Smartwatch

The Z73 smartwatch is one of the few womens smartwatch in the market. It is so far, one of the classic design smartwatches for women. The wearable supports variety of the functionalities including Bluetooth calls, and sports. Women focused feature are watch faces, physiological function. Overall, it is a good wearable with classic design that suits for women.

Z73 Smartwatch Specifications

Display1.09 240 x 240 pixel resolution
Memory64 + 128 MB
Sensorg-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitoring
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
Speaker and MicYes
Battery200 mAh standby time 15 days, 7 days normal usage
Support AppV Band
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 version, iOS 8.0 version
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