Immutouch Smartband – Wearable to Combat Corona Virus

Immutouch Smartband – Wearable to Combat Corona Virus

Right now, the world is in a halt due to the global pandemic, the spread of Covid-19. This 20th century, we have the tools to combat the spread of the virus from medicine to advance technologies. Government and experts use technologies to slow the contagion and so far, some countries have a positive result in slowing the spread of the Corona Virus.

One of the company that developed a tool to combat the spread of the virus is Immutouch, founded and created by Joseph Toles, Justin Ith and Matthew Toles. They have developed an Immutouch smartband, it is a wearable that vibrates every time you touch your face.

The aim is to notify the user that every time he/she keep touching her face, a gesture that we are all guilty of. According to WHO, our eyes, mouth, nose is the entrance of the virus to our body. With the Immutouch Smartband, it alerts us every time we do it. Every time the user receive notifications, the constant reminder may eventually break our unconscious habit.

Immutouch smartband

What is Immutouch Smartband?

According to its specs and features, the wearable uses a personalized algorithm to keep track of your gestures. It tracks the hand position and alert you via vibration with your hazardous gestures. The tracking gesture is possible with the gravimeter in the Immutouch.

To achieve this, the band has a support app available in iOS and Android. To track your movement precisely, the Immutouch can be calibrated based on your movements, you can also set its sensitivity. The smartband don’t have a display screen and cannot be used as alternative to your smartband to record fitness or tell time. The Immutouch Smartband’s goal is to keep you healthy focusing on your actions and gestures.

immutouch smartband

Here are the Features

  • 24+ Hour battery
  • Custom Sensitivity
  • One Tap to Pause
  • Water Resistant

The smartband is now available for PREORDER at Immutouch website, for the pricing, the Immutouch smartband cost around less than 50 U.S dollars.


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