Oaxis Watchphone –Smartwatch for Kids with SOS, GPS, Calls

Oaxis brings another exciting wearable in the market, this time it is intended for kids, a wearable to keep them safe from predators and provide a peace of mind to the parents, simply called Oaxis Watchphone.

The smartwatch is a hybrid smartwatch capable of receiving messages, calls and vice versa. This 3G smartwtach has a kiddie design and attractive pastel color available in black, blue and pink with a silicone strap that is sweat free with stainless steel buckle to have a secure tight lock.

Oaxis Watchphone

Based on the video and specs showed by Oaxis, the smartwatch will surely enjoyed by kids with its touch screen interface. Aside from touch screen operation, Oaxis Watchphone can also be operated by two buttons situated on the side for the smartwatch. Its 1.54” inch TFT LCD screen is equipped with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution, it’s a color screen with full touch capability. The smartwatch is a bit thick and big but it is lightweight weighing only 53 grams. It is big compared to other kids smartwatch see our list, but I think it is worth the trade off, housing the additional features and safety options.

Talking about its safety features for kids, the Oaxis Watchphone includes call and message feature, monitor your child anytime, receive or send voice memos, or if you want you can call them right away. If you want to monitor your child in real time, the smartwatch is equipped with GPS to see their current location in the map.

Another feature that is a must to ensure the safety of your kids is the “geo-fencing”, this feature if you are not familiar is, it allows you to set a boundary on your child’s location, if she/he wanders over the designated area, you will be alerted right away, as the name suggest it’s a digital fence for your child.

In case of emergency the one-touch SOS button alerts a specified number listed in the Watchphone alerting the parent or guardian by sending a distress signal.

Aside from the above safety features, the Oaxis Watchphone also includes health and fitness features such as step counter, calorie counter, distance counter and other options for kids safety and convenience of the child. So far the Watchphone has good safety features and could par with other popular smartwatch for kids that is already in the market. Anyways see its specs here or watch the video below from Oaxis.

See the video below from Oaxis Watchphone


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