Nokia Smartwatch Rumored to Have an eSIM and Wear OS

Nokia Smartwatch Rumored to Have an eSIM and Wear OS

In the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2020, Nokia will be unveiling several Nokia smartphones including a possible flagship phone. But there is news that Nokia will be presenting more than just a smartphone in the event.

According to the latest news on Nokia, the company will be unveiling its first smartwatch that runs the Wear OS by Google. Rumors started when Google certified a smartwatch from Nokia stating that this new smartwatch might run the home-grown OS by Google for smartwatches.

Nokia smartwatch

Another information suggests, that the wearable will be equipped with eSIM support as the HMD submit a SIMLEY trademark recently. If this is the case, the rumored Nokia smartwatch will have a mobile connectivity, with its embedded SIM. So far, just take the rumor with a grain of salt, as Nokia has not yet confirmed the news. As we all know based on previous actions of Nokia, they can shove their plans without warning, even though the product is set to debut in 24 hours. So even if the rumors are true, still we can’t be sure that Nokia will present the smartwatch in the MWC or any other tech shows.

Several products that might be unveiled in MWC 2020 along with the smartwatch are the mid-range phones running Android OS. A Nokia 5.2 smartphone codename “Captain America”, that leaked recently with photos with 64 GB of storage space and 6 GB of RAM. With regards to the flagship phone, still it is a shot in the dark as Nokia did not provide any hint on the devices that will be introduce in the MWC 2020, dated February 23, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. Just like previous MWC, as the event is getting closer, it is expected that more information will be leaked to the public on new devices. Please stay tuned as we keep an eye on this rumored Nokia smartwatch and the upcoming MWC 2020.


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